Monday, February 25, 2008

Great Visit with the ENT!

Just had to write about our ENT visit today.  Shortly after we arrived, the tech did the first hearing test.  Eliana was asleep so the test was quick and easy.  She passed!!!  I was so excited to hear those words!  The second test was also easy even though by now she had woken up.  This one tested her middle ear (ear drum and fluid in the ear).  She also passed this one!  The tech commented that it was unusual for there to be no fluid in the ear.  Thank you God!

We waited for awhile to see the ENT.  He checked her briefly and told me that she was in the 10-20% of children without ear problems.  I asked if this was for all children or those with Down syndrome.  He responded that he was referring to those with Down syndrome.  He said she is in the minority.  I commented that sometimes being in the minority was a good thing.  He thought about this for a moment and then agreed.  He said it wasn't often a good thing, but in this case, it certainly is a blessing!

When he started to check her ears, I wasn't sure how he wanted her to be.  She was on my lap, facing me.  He tried to look in her ears this way, and she moved too much.  He then asked me to turn her so that her back was to me.  I did and then tried to hold her head.  Her hand grabbed at him and then he asked me to hold her hand.  He then laughed and said that he could tell we'd had no ear problems as I had not yet learned how to best hold a wiggly baby for an ear exam.  We are soooo thankful to have had no ear infections or other problems!  I told him I'd learned how to hold for blood draws and other procedures and was happy to have missed the lessons on this one. 

He said that since she has passed two hearing exams in a row that she was doing great!  He then went on to tell me that he was available if I needed him.  We don't have to schedule to come back at ALL.  He said he knew that we probably had a lot of medical appointments and that being able to take one off the list would probably be appreciated - and he is right!  He said that he trusted that we were taking good care of Eliana and she is well connected in the medical community as well - so no scheduled appointments. 

I'm thanking God for this sweet bit of news.  It's nice to get a break after all she has been through this past year.  Do you ever sometimes feel like you "deserve" a break?  I know that I can feel that way, though the truth is that I don't "deserve" anything.  There are so many people who have been and are going through so much more than I have.  I'm thankful for this blessing.  I'm grateful for both Eliana and for our family.  It is a relief to have something taken off the list of things to be concerned about, kwim?

As I was riding home and listening to the radio, I heard a song about walking through trials.  The singer questioned if she had the chance to go back and make different choices so that the road would be easier - would she?  She noted that no, she would not.  I thought about this and have even been asked this.  Would I go back and do things differently?  No.  This path is a challenge - but also a blessing.  I see things differently now and for that I'm thankful too.  I have learned a lot on this path and think that my heart has had some repairs on it as well. 

When I was pregnant with Eliana I was studying James.  I questioned the passage in the first chapter - you know the one - "consider it all joy when you face trials".  I had a hard time understanding how you could do that.  I still think it is a hard thing.  I have learned better how to do that - and am sure I have much more to learn.  I'm grateful for so many things.  I am truly a blessed woman.

With love,