Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

We had a good snow last week - finally!!!  It was so much fun to wake up to snow!  Roger and the children played in it for a little while before he headed to work. 

Because this was the day of the Inauguration, we stayed inside for a good bit of the afternoon to watch things on tv.  By afternoon, everyone was ready to head back out into the snow.

Eliana had her first experience in the snow - and she LOVED it!  She didn't mind falling.  She wanted to taste it when Rebecca handed her a glove full.  She was just thrilled with it all.  In fact, when she was soaked (and stinky) and needing to go in, she just cried and cried.  I'm glad she enjoyed it.

Daniel noticed that the snow went "plop" on his head just like in the book The Snowy Day that we are reading this week.  He didn't mind it either.  When the snow got down into his gloves, he calmly asked me to help him.  This is great progress for him!

The rest of the kids had fun throwing snowballs with each other and friends.   Everyone (but Eliana) had fun sledding down a hill in our back yard.  I should mention that this hill is *in* the woods.  It's not a clearing really and not all that smooth.  But they had a blast and you work with what you have, right?  Here are some pictures.