Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Variety of Random Photos

One of the fun spots of our week is when Eliana has music/developmental therapy.  She loves it.  I love seeing her participating and having fun.  I did Kindermusik classes with my other children and she has missed out on this (no free mornings in our current schedule to do this).  I love that she has this opportunity. 

We learn songs and play instruments.  Is this one cute or what?

Eliana's favorite instrument is the cabasa.  A close second is this big drum which doubles as a fun ride. 

Isaiah received a pirate excavation kit for his birthday.  He loved it!

I love his focus on this project (and all the dust on his face!).

We've had a lovely fall so far and I really enjoy being outside this time of year (as opposed to the summer when it is just so hot).  We took advantage of one of our nice afternoons to go on a nature scavenger hunt in our backyard. 

We used a form I got from a recent field trip and went out to see what we could find.

They found most of the things on the list - including mushrooms.

This is a "natural" see-saw that they took turns on.

I love pictures from behind and in this one I love that the boys are looking all around in different places to see what treasures they can find.

We walked down to the small creek and of course a couple of them wanted to cross it. 

It was a fun way to spend some time and it's something I need to do more often.  Fall is my favorite season and I'm hoping we'll get out and do this more often!

We saw Eliana's ped recently at a visit and she requested a picture of Eliana and Joshua.  She is giving a talk about caring for kids with medical issues (her specialty is children with chronic and complex medical conditions).  She likes putting faces in front of people when she is talking.  She has used a pictures from Eliana's heart surgery in the past too.  I think she is right.  Hearing something and then adding a face to it certainly gets to your heart.  It makes it something that is happening to a person and not just medical facts.

Anyway, as I looked through my pics I realized that I didnt have any good ones of just these two, so I snapped a few and love what I got!