Monday, November 9, 2009

Small and happy prayer request

Small and happy prayer request

Hi Friends,

Would you pray for Rebecca and I? We have been invited to speak to a group of 150 student athletes at Duke tomorrow night on the topic of community service. They love the idea that one person can make a difference and Rebecca's story starting when she was just 11yo is a sweet one. (Those new to my blog - Rebecca started making and selling bracelets shortly after Eliana was born to raise money for other babies with heart problems so that they could get help like Eliana did. She has to date raised over $8000 for Duke Children's Hospital.)

We will be sharing our story (with pictures). Would you pray for us and for what we will say. And for my sweet girl who is very nervous about speaking to a crowd that size.

After sharing, we will be leading/teaching them to make some jewelry. They will be helping to make some things to build up her inventory. The idea of trying to lead this many is a little daunting too. I'm not going to worry about it - but am trying to plan and prepare as much as possible.

We are working on wrapping up details and really need to practice a little on what we will be sharing. Any prayers you want to offer for us would be appreciated. I'll post more details either tomorrow night or the following day.

I'm sorry I haven't been around to post much. I am reading and praying for y'all.



PS  Our week-end was great and I'll hopefully be posting more on that later tonight or tomorrow!