Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beyond FIAR Co-op: Skylark 4

Well, we have already started up our new Beyond co-op for the year and I haven't yet posted this last installment of our co-op from last year.  Here goes.  This is the final co-op for Skylark.  Can you guess what state we talked about?  Look at the map below.  

Kansas.  Prairies.
They looked at pictures of sunsets.
And had an art lesson on painting a sunset.  I'm so glad that my children are getting some lessons here that they wouldn't get at home.  :-)
They started out each drawing an outline of something which they would paint - as a shadow.
Some worked in groups.
Others alone.
Or in different locations.  I love that each child is free to be who they are and to work in a way that is best for them.
Daniel drew a buffalo.
They moved outside to start their painting.
Snack time outside.
Of course the boys were moving while they ate!

Peaceful times painting and creating.

Proud of his work
Definitely hosted by a mom with the gift of hospitality who loves the details in hosting.  Isn't this lovely?
And a yummy spread to enjoy!  Since this was our last meeting of the school year (yes, I'm that far behind in posting about schooling), we had a lunch to end the co-op.
A rare photo of the people usually behind the camera.  :-)  Love this fun time with my friends.

A lesson on ocean tides.  
A hands on look at how the moon affects the tides.
Looking at the chart of color intensities to find the colors he had used on his painting.
Aren't they beautiful?  I never cease to be amazed at the creativity displayed!
Without planning, Isaiah's picture ends up looking a lot like one in the book (which was pointed out to him by the gal teaching the class).
Once again, this group has been a blessing!  We are learning so many neat things and forging deeper friendships in the process.  I'm thankful to be a part of it and looking forward to this upcoming year too!