Tuesday, January 7, 2014

December Activities

Just a look at some of our fun in the month of December.  Eliana and Daniel had fun "riding" in this sleigh at the place where we picked our Christmas tree.  I love the way she is looking at him.
We made fleece blankets with our FIAR group again this year.  

The children also make cards to go with the blankets.
 Its a peaceful activity that I enjoy in the midst of what can be a busy season.

 We pick patterns and fabrics for a variety of ages and for both boys and girls.
 The elusive Mom photo.  We are trying to get more of these this year.  :-)
 Group photo of the kids.  We had a smaller group this year, but it was fun and productive nonetheless.

 We did a co-op with the younger kids based on this book.  Its a sweet story that shares the meaning behind the candy cane.  Great symbolism for children.

After listening to the story, they made these cute crafts!

 This was a great fine motor skill!
 This is the end result.  They also played games and had a snack.
 We pulled out our ornaments and decorated the tree.  Its always fun to see them and reflect on why this was an important part of our life or story.

 Joshua, Rebecca and I went to Charlotte to volunteer at Operation Christmas Child.  This is a fun tradition and we enjoy being a part of this experience.
 Rebecca and Hanna pack and check the boxes.
 Fun photo with my two.  Roger was with the younger children at home.  Its really sweet that he makes time for us to do this!
 Our whole group.  After working we enjoyed a dinner/lunch out at Olive Garden (another tradition that my kids love).
 We were close to my Mom's house and stopped for a visit with her.

Roger and the boys really got into decorating our house this year.  I don't think that this picture does it justice however.  There were a lot of lights on our house!  It looked fun!

 Eliana painted an ornament at one of her therapy sessions.  And then put glitter on it.  Its sparkly and pretty.

 Dressed up and ready for the Hobbit premiere at midnight.  Had to make a run for snacks first.  We enjoyed the movie (well done) but there has been a LOT of discussion here about the many variations from the book.
 Our family along with a big group of friends visited the Journey to Bethlehem again this year.  This has become a tradition and one that our whole family looks forward too.  Its a long wait, but we enjoy the time to talk and play games with our friends.  This is a fabulous interactive telling of the Christmas story which I highly recommend if you have not ever been to one.
We also had a new field trip this year to Mordecai House in Raleigh.  It was a cold and dreary night, but we braved the weather and it was well worth it!  We toured the house and several outbuildings and had reenactors and actors telling the stories of various Christmas's past.  It was educational and entertaining!  Highly recommend!
 After the tour, we went to nearby Krispy Kreme for a treat.  Yum.
I'm hoping to post every day this week.  Tomorrow's post will be about our Five in a Row ornaments!