Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Before FIAR co-op: Snowy Day

I think I need to officially admit that I'm a slack blogger as of late.  I am getting caught up on some other things though, as its all a juggling game, right?  Trying to get pictures printed and into scrapbooks!  Hoping to have a scrapping week-end soon!  That would be fun!

Anyway, this is our co-op from this month.  Its been fun that we have had some (very little) snow this month too!  :-)

We read the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.

We talked about snowflakes and how each one is unique.  

 Our devotion was on Jesus calming the storm at sea.  They discussed how Jesus is in control of all weather.
 We read the story and had more discussions and activities including sequencing the events in the story, acting out different types of weather and learning signs for weather.  I really thought Eliana might shine in this activity, but she was not hugely cooperative.
She instead loving hanging on my sweet friend!

We had snowy snacks and they were a HUGE hit with everyone!  Hot chocolate and making your own snowmen!

 Apples were also offered to provide a little something healthy.
 I made a demo for them and then they went to work.
 Some of them just preferred to eat the marshmallows rather than eat them.
 We had toothpicks, 3 sizes of marshmallows and blueberry jelly to paint the face and buttons.
 Aren't they cute!
 While they little ones were focusing on snow activities, the older ones were with Rebecca doing a chapter from the Mad Scientist Club.  They first discuss the book, then have a show and tell.  I did not get a good picture of the robot that Daniel made from Legos.  It was really neat.  He really loves being a part of this.  Rebecca was wonderful to help out doing this since I was helping with the little ones.
After our snacks, the Mad Scientists did experiments.  The experiments that they did are here if you are curious.

The younger children had craft time after snack.  I found these trays at the dollar store and thought they were great for sorting and displaying crafts materials!
We made snowmen.  We started with an oversized piece of construction paper and lace doilies.  They were able to find a small, medium and large to use to make the body.

 Then they could decorate it however they wanted!  Supplies available were popsicle sticks (for arms), yarn, pipe cleaners (sparkly), googly eyes, pom pons, and various colors of tissue paper circles

 Once again, my sweetie was not the most cooperative.  Hopefully we will get one made at home!

Isn't this one adorable?!

Always a fun day to hang out with our friends!