Monday, January 14, 2013

Beyond Co-op: Marie Curie #3

I have two more posts on our Marie Curie co-op that I didn't get posted before the New Year.  We have started a new book and I will get to that soon, but wanted to share this one first.  I got behind on posting this one as this is the same day that Joshua ended up in the hospital.  He started the day with what we thought was a stomach bug.  :-(  It was so much more than that.  I hate that he missed this fun morning, but am so very thankful that we live in a time and place where he can receive the care that he needs!

This co-op focused on two topics - the Periodic table and composers.  What a fun morning with both teachers focusing on something that the loved and are excited about!

We started with science and looking at the structure of elements in their most basic form.

 We learned about how the periodic table is arranged in families and how to read the lines and rows.  Families were illustrated by the children in lines.
 This is a fun new book that a sweet friend gave me.  It was such a fun addition to our morning (and many other days since in our house!).  I highly recommend it if you are studying this topic.  It comes with a box of cards - one on each element - that you will see if future pictures in this post.
 We learned about various elements.  Not all of them but each child took a turn talking about the element and telling something about it.  In addition to an interesting fact, they showed a picture (the cards mentioned above) and said how many protons and how many electrons.  (This was important for their position on the periodic table.)
 A picture helped to visualize the drawing of each element.
 As each one was discussed, they were placed on the floor in their order.
 An "atom" snack.  See the protons and neutrons?  LOL
 After our discussion, you can see a bit more of out table with each white piece of paper being a different element.
 We also watched some videos on the various elements.  You can find the videos here.

 Its a listing of all of the elements in alphabetical order.  The videos are short and fun to watch!
Next it was time to learn more about composers and music.  We learned about different periods of music and the composers in those periods.  We listened to different pieces.  Also learned about some of the instruments available at different time periods and how that influenced or changed music.  Very interesting!  I love that my children have this exposure to music here as we don't do much of this at home.
 We had a polish lunch.  So many yummy foods.  We really are spoiled by our foods at co-op.  I'm not complaining at all - loving it!
 Several stews and hot foods to go along with breads and vegetables.  Delicious!
 And before running out to play for a bit, they each had a time of review to see if they remembered what they had learned about the elements.
 Taking time to place the correct number of protons, neutrons and electrons on a selected element.  Good job!
As always, it is an amazing time!  Very thankful for this group!