Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today was a beautiful day for ...

picking strawberries!  It was sunny and mild (upper 60s/low 70s).  We went in the afternoon because we just had a sluggish morning after a busy couple of days.  There weren't many people there, but still plenty of berries to pick.

I'm taking a group shot and can get a picture of Eliana looking - and most of the rest of the group not ready for the  picture.

Or a great one of everyone else, but Eliana has turned away.  LOL

What I didn't notice before taking these pictures is that I have a smear on the lens of my camera.  I'm going to blame my trusty little photo assistant who loves to borrow my camera and take pictures.  Some day I'll need to post a day from her point of view.  LOL

Here is Joshua.
Rebecca and Hanna.
Beautiful girls!
Can you guess what held Eliana's attention most of the time we were there?  Yes, the little flag that is used to mark where the rows have been picked.
Daniel was quite careful in the berries that he picked.  He wanted all red and symmetrical.  :-)
You can see in this photo what a beautiful afternoon we enjoyed.  And yes, can you see what she is still carrying?
Contemplating life.
Enjoying yummy strawberries.
Isaiah picked a huge bucket full of berries.
When we got back to the van, the boys just wanted to eat berries.  I love times like this when I don't have to limit anyone to how many they eat.  We had plenty!!!
We picked about 34 pounds of strawberries.  (We picked the front 5 flats.)  I've been washing and getting some ready to freeze.  Going to keep some out just for eating - as much as you want!

If you are local, we picked today at Jean's Berry  Patch.  Lots of good berries still there.

Hope your week-end is filled with delights and that you take time to enjoy them all!