Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beyond Co-op: The Saturdays 4

For our final meeting of our study of The Saturdays, we studied birds.  We began by looking at pictures of birds and seeing how many we could identify.  

Then we heard bird calls to see if we could match up the calls with the birds.
Isn't this a beautiful program that one of our talented moms and her dh made for us?
Next we went outside to try out our knowledge in finding/listening to real birds.
They loved exploring and listening.
And were able to identify quite a few.
Some worked in pairs or groups while others were alone.
After a short time, we gathered to hear about what the others had heard.
In the second part of our morning, we talked about flight.  This was a fun follow-up to our most recent co-op as some of the topics were similar and it is always great to build on what you have just learned.

This was an experiment on Newton's Laws of motion.  They tried to see how fast they could run past the balloons.

Next they were to see how fast they could run and touch each balloon.
Lastly, they tried to see how fast they could move if there were going to pop each balloon.

All of this was tied into flight.  Our instructor today was an older sibling taking over for a sick mama.  And what a fabulous job she did.  She talked with them about some of the principles of flight while building their own planes.  They also discussed Bernoulli's principle.

They used paper and straws and were able to construct their own designs.

I'm not sure why I didn't get any more pictures of our food.  LOL  There were apples, chocolate covered sunflower seeds (yum), pretzels, and little cupcakes.  There were more foods I'm sure, but at this point I don't remember what.  LOL
I do remember that food sparked a conversation with the mama's on this day.  We talked about health and how foods contributed to our own health.  And as our conversation wound around, we talked about juicing and decided to try this out together.  It has been a great experiment and I will share more on it soon.  I love that learning is not confined but something that is shared and continues on at each step of our lives.