Tuesday, June 24, 2014

April - with a lot of photos!

This is going to be another whirlwind type of post with LOTS of pictures.  I had some trouble loading this post and after copying and pasting and deleting photos, I'm hoping this will work.   :D  This is a quick look at our April.   Enjoy the photos!

We signed up Eliana for a special needs sports team.  They played t-ball and soccer.  She tried a little t-ball, but mostly wanted to just "kick a ball".  They had a song for the group and every time I played the cd, Eliana very happily said, "I kick a ball!".  It was a great group and we enjoyed being a part of it.  I hope we'll be able to do more with them in the future.

 My two beautiful daughters looking a little bit like twins.  I love how Rebecca spends time fixing Eliana's hair so beautifully.  Everyone will certainly notice the change when she is gone in the fall.

 One of our field trips this month was to Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm.  We had a beautiful and cool day for our outing.  What a fun place to meet up with our friends!
 We loaded up into a big wagon for our tour of the farm.

 We were a little tight on space, so some of the boys volunteered to ride in the back of the pick-up.
 We learned a lot about this powerful animal.  Its really a bison and not a buffalo.

The animals are raised and eventually sold for meat.  I'm not telling him that though.
After our tour, we were able to buy meat and spend time picnicking with our friends.  This is a really fun visit if you are local.  The kids had a great time playing.  

We made a quick visit to see my Mom and Dad.  Its always good to be there with them.

 Fun group photo.
Playing some with the settings on my camera.  Eliana loving on her big brother!

 Here is another one.  I like the color in this one - and of course I love the cute girl.
Our book club read this month was The Traitor's Wife by Allison Pataki.  An interesting book of historical fiction about Benedict Arnold's wife and the role she played in his actions.  Its based on some true accounts and certainly gives much food for thought as to how this might have really happened.  
 Our co-op studying Robin Hood spent one of our meeting times learning about archery.  Also a fun way to spend the morning!
Our FIAR group hosted a Geography Fair this year for the first time.  It was a big hit and we plan to repeat it next year!  Each child/family/friend group chose a country and then was able to present information about their country in any way that they chose.  We met in this beautiful outdoor/covered setting.
I loved watching my children become fascinated with a country and working to learn more about it.  So, from the pictures, can you figure out which country these guys did?  You can guess or peek at the answer at the end of this post.)  
Most of the presentations included poster boards in addition to other items from that country.  If there was a FIAR book related to the country, that was included too.  Can you see them in the picture below?
After all the presentations, it was time to eat.  Each family brought food from the country that they shared about.  It was a feast!  I'm not sure the picture really shows ALL the food that was there.  It was so very yummy!
And desserts too!  This was a delightful day.  I love it when a new idea comes together and really works!  Looking forward to next year too!
Our co-op group also got together for a pottery lesson.  Each child was able to make several pieces.
They were each able to throw a piece on the wheel.  (Harder than it looks!)

And make a piece by hand (or several).

Rebecca attended a homeschool dance with some of her friends.  Aren't they lovely?

TIme for Easter pics.  We travelled to VA to spend Easter with our friends.  This has been a fun tradition for many years.  This year, we brought Emily (Christopher's girlfriend) with us.  She is a delight!  She and her mom made this treat for us!  Isn't this great?!  We love deviled eggs in my family and what a treat to have them in such fun colors.  Oh, and they were yummy too.

While we were there, we played.  We brough KanJam which is always a hit.
 Aren't they cute?

We also attended a carnival type event at their church.  Do you see this ride?  It was a kind of fast barrel ride and my big girl rode in the last car all by herself!

There was a massive egg hunt.  
Bounce house, snacks and more.  Fun morning!
 In the afternoon, some of us went for a hike while others rested.  They found a neat cave.
Places to conquer ...

 and explore.
The hike was fun and there were pretty flowers and a creek nearby too.
 The rare photo of the moms.  Catherine and I have been dear friends for over 20 years!  (22 to be exact)  I'm thankful for her and just wish she didn't live so far away now.  Thankful that we can still visit!
 This isn't a great picture, but I wanted to share our fun activity with the teens.  Flashlight egg hunt.  Its so much fun and is a great way to involve those that are too old for a traditional hunt, but still like a challenge and candy.  :)
 After church on Sunday, it was time for some pictures.  Everyone under 22 in this one.  :)

We did family photos.  My heart swells with these people I love.  :)
 Christopher and Emily.
Just wanted to show off this little cutie in her Easter dress.
 We got one of the girls, but not the guys.
 Roger and I even got one.  I know about the sunglasses, but I could not see at all by this point.
One more egg hunt for the younger ones that did not join in on the night hunt.

 Love this picture of Joshua helping Eliana get to a hard to reach egg.  We had a wonderful time with our friends and also celebrating the resurrection of our Savior!  He is risen!
 Krispy Kreme doughnut day!  I was in Cary and met up with them for a late night snack.  :)
Tired yet of reading all of these and looking at so many pictures?  Bless you if you have hung in this long.  :)  Hope you enjoyed them.  Yes, she is tired - and fully asleep.  She crawled into the chair beside me and fell fast asleep.

More soon on some of our FIAR co-ops in April and then it will be on to May.  :)  Really wanting to share some superhero party pictures soon!

Hope you are having a great summer.


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