Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Heart Day

I took a few photos on our "Heart Day" that I wanted to share.  (I like the term Heart Day that my sweet friend Karen shared with me.  She is a mom of a heart baby too and was a great encouragment to me through all of this!!!)

We had a couple of therapies that day.  In the morning we had speech therapy.  Eliana is doing more and more babbling.  She is also trying to repeat things we say to her and it's just so cute!  I love seeing her learn.  In this photo she is pointing (she uses her thumb!) to a pic of an animal.  There was a recording of the sound which she tried to imitate (sheep was the one she could do). 

Eliana also had physical therapy in the afternoon and a meeting with our case manager then too.  She is practicing her walking in this tiny little walker.  She took one step holding on to it.  She is using it to bend/squat which is good.  (She was just falling down with her legs straight.)

At some point during the day, Rebecca decided that our princess needed to wear a crown.  She looked adorable and we are all taken with her.  Her Daddy thinks she is the sweetest!

For dinner I wanted to do something special.  We decided a picnic in the park was a good choice.  Some dear friends met us there and brought a present for Eliana.  Doesn't she look pleased?  It's a snowglobe with a heart in the center and pink glitter around it.  The words on the bottom say ... "Live, love, laugh".  What a sweet and perfect gift!!!  Thank you!

We stayed out late just relaxing, playing and having fun.  It was a sweet day - much different from a year ago.  I hope we can use this day to celebrate, give thanks and praise God for His good work.