Saturday, June 21, 2014

FIAR Vol 4 co-op: Albert

I'm continuing our March wrap-up.  I fell behind this week as we travelled to Virginia for Rebecca's college orientation.  We also celebrated Daniel's 10th birthday!  More on both of those soon!

Our next book in FIAR volume 4 was Albert.  A very sweet and funny story about a bird and the man who is forced to stop and spend time with them.  

All of this study on birds has really kindled an interest in Daniel to learn more about birds.  He has spent time watching them at the feeder (and taking pictures and videos).  As well as feeding them and listening for them outside.  I love that he is beginning to be able to identify their sounds!  I've never been very good at that.  
 During our co-op, the kids learned about cardinals.  They colored and labelled a picture.
 And listened to a neat video.  (See link below.)

This video explains how cardinals make music using 2 sets of tubes coming from the lungs in order to make 2 different sounds!  An amazing look at the intricate design of the Creator.
 Next, they each got a bowl of berries and crushed them up as best they could.
 Then strained them to get a nice (and not lumpy) liquid.  Now it was time to paint.
 I loved seeing their creations and isn't this a great painting that Daniel made?
 Our snack was obviously berries.  For some reason, they weren't interested in trying some of the other foods that the birds in the story ate ... like bugs.  Can't blame them there!
I don't have many pictures from this one, but we still enjoyed our time with this delightful book!