Wednesday, April 22, 2009


First a big thank you to my sweet dh!!!  He recovered all of the pictures that I had accidentally deleted.  I had taken a lot of just "regular" shots and was excited about them.  On Easter morning, I was took a bad shot and was trying to delete it.  Well, I accidentally deleted ALL of the photos on my camera from the entire week-end.  :-(  I was really bummed.  There was no quick fix.  I took no more photos that day in case that somehow would mess up the retrieval of the deleted pictures.

Roger worked with some software and was able to recover all of them.  Yippee!!!  I was very thankful to see them again.  These are some of the photos that have been restored.

We spent Easter week-end in Virginia with our friends.  We arrived on Friday and it was beautiful!  We spent most of the day outside.  The kids enjoyed hiking around a nearby lake. 

I love shots from behind - can you tell?  (I have more that I haven't posted too.  LOL)

We saw ducks and the older girls even found a duck's nest - with eggs in it!

It's a little fuzzy, but can you see the eggs?

We walked around to a little dock area and the kids had fun splashing in the water.  Isn't lovely?

Roger worked on fishing to the delight of several of the children.  They enjoyed finding worms even though they weren't able to get any fish (this time). 

This picture needs a story.  Christopher was laying on the floors and spinning around while Eliana rode on his back.  She loved this - as you can tell from her face!

A cute, little Easter craft/snack was a hit with everyone.  The nest is "rice krispy treats" made with cocoa puffs.  The chicks are twinkies.  Gummy candy and frosting completed the bird.  A simple craft - with little to clean up and nothing to display but a photo.  ;-) 

I just thought this was cute.  They both love riding on this toy and I love that they enjoy sharing it!

Saturday we attended an Easter Egg hunt which was a large outreach function for our friend's church.  The day loomed dark and threatening.  The rain held off - but it was COLD!  The wind played a factor, but we were all surprised at how cold we were.  The event was very nice.  They served food and snow cones.  I couldn't believe anyone wanted one!  lol

There were 10,000 eggs hidden in a field for the children to find.  Yes, 10,000.  It was covered!  Eliana was thrilled to be able to join in on the action this year!  The littlest ones were allowed to go our first.  Eliana is using my old Easter basket.  :-)

The surprise of the day wasn't how MANY eggs everyone got - a lot!  It was a drawing that was held at the end of the event.  We were surprised to hear "Daniel Nelsen" called and then to hear he had won a new bike!  It's a nice one too! 

I was embarrassed that he wasn't excited about it.  He really dislikes a lot of attention and this was very uncomfortable for him.  In addition to the bike, they fit him for a helmet too.  It is very nice and I know we'll get good use out of it. 

On Easter morning, we made resurrection rolls.  I love this tradtion - we've been doing it for at least 12 years that I remember.  I love being able to tell the Easter story as you make the rolls with each ingredient representing a part of the story.  I love the visual of the "tomb" being empty.  He is risen!  (We all love that they taste sooo yummy!)

That's it for my pictures from the week-end - in that they didn't go any further.  (Our friends have some though.)  I feel like I have shared a sampling of our week-end.  I hope you've enjoyed it.  :-)