Monday, January 7, 2013

Before FIAR co-op: If Jesus Came to My House

Playing a little catch-up as usual.  We just started back to school today after a long break.  This was also Christopher's first day back to class and we like to keep a similar schedule so that we can have off on the days that he is home.

We had a really productive day today!  I'm going to enjoy it as I know not all days will go so well . Probably not even tomorrow!  We'll do our best though.

This is our last Before FIAR co-op with the book If Jesus Came to My House.  We started with a devotion and the story of Jesus meeting Zacheus.  The children were enthralled with seeing the story come to life with felts.  (I use ours more often!)

We also talked about JOY - putting Jesus first, then others and yourself last.  I wanted Eliana to have a picture with the blocks since this is also her middle name.  

A cardboard house is always so much fun.  It was a great way to practice knocking at the door and inviting someone in.  Also taking turns and sharing.  
For our craft, the children made beautiful flowers.

They started with coloring on coffee filters.  They each did several of them.
Then they were squirted with water to make the colors run and look more like watercolors.
I love seeing my little princess at work!  I meant to take a picture of her with her finished flower, but forgot to.

This cute house even had a doorbell to ring!
For our snack, we had a fancier table and talked about treating our guests specially.  You can see one of the finished flowers along with our snack of apples and rice krispie treats.

Meanwhile the older kids were participating in the Mad Scientist Club.  They read a chapter in the book and then each of them brings something as a show and tell.  Lego creation, drawing, craft item, etc.  We also have a question and discussion time and then after snacks - its time for experiments!  What a treat it was on this day to have one of the Dads come and lead the activities for them!

This was an experiment to see if you could lift up another person using only your breath!  (Blowing into a plastic bag)
They all loved having a turn at this one.

This was another fun one!  Put vinegar into a bottle and then add baking soda.  The reaction of the two will blow up the balloon!  See this blog post for more details on doing it yourself.

Another fun day with friends!  Looking forward to more fun times together!