Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Update on Eye Appointment

I am thrilled to report that at this time ...

Eliana does not need glasses!!! 

One of my friends said that she hoped I'd be crying tears of joy with the news that I received today - and that was indeed the case!  I'm thankful that Eliana does not have to deal with this right now.  She will still need to be seen again in 6 months so it's not as though it will never be a possibility, but for now, they are not needed.

So many of my sweet and faithful friends were praying and things went so very smoothly this morning that I could hardly believe it.  We had a short wait before being seen and then were out of there in less than an hour and a half!  That doesn't sound so short when I type it, but it is compared to some other visits.  None of the children needed eye drops so that helped a lot.

Joshua's vision is holding.  He has been patching to try to strengthen one of his eyes and thankfully it had not deteriorated at all.  Isaiah is doing well too.  If we could just keep his glasses in one piece it would be much easier.  That cute boy is constantly breaking his glasses - more than all the other children combined. 

I know that even if the news had been different, that God would still be good - and that He would still be answering prayers.  I am grateful that today's answer was one that I really wanted. 

With a grateful heart,