Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break Fun with Family!

We loved having Christopher home for a week in March while he was on break.  It was fun hanging out with him.  We had a campfire in the backyard one night.

Daniel made a meal from one of our FIAR books - and one of Christopher's favorites.  It was Italian food - marinara sauce over pasta and a ricotta cake for dessert.  

Daniel loves to cook (as have his older siblings) and I love that we have made these great memories with our meals which tie into the books we are reading.  

An early birthday gift.  Like the fun "wrapping"?
Wearing his birthday gift from his sister.  :-)  And dining with the red plate!
Biking at Lake Crabtree.  While they were biking I took Eliana to get fitted for glasses.  Let's just say that they had a better time than she did.  It was a bumpy mountain bike trail and not one I could have taken her on.

We did come back and meet them down by the lake.
They had hung up the Enos to enjoy the end of the day.
Relaxing after the ride.
Beautiful spot!
Children are so creative - and able to make fun wherever they are!  Isaiah giving Eliana rides.  And she loves it!

Brothers playing chess.
Visiting a near by  Polish deli.  We have been meaning to go here since studying Marie Curie and finally made it there.  Lots of yummy foods!
Another bike ride later in the week that included Eliana this time.  This is on the American Tobacco Trail.
An early morning fire where Roger cooks up a delicious breakfast for everyone.
Time to rest and time to play.  I love having fun with my family.  I'm thankful for our time together too. Its a sweet gift and one I thank God for daily!