Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ask Mr Bear - Before FIAR

Well,  I'm clearly having a hard time catching up on my posting.  Its just that we have been so very busy!  I'm going to see if I can post several now (to post a new one each day) and hopefully that will help me.

In the last couple of weeks, I've taught 2 co-ops, planned 2 local field trips and helped plan a field trip to NewYork City!!!  This was after celebrating two birthdays last month too!  Lots of fun things and hopefully I'll get caught up soon on all of this!

This was from our Before Five in a Row co-op last month.  We read the book Ask Mr Bear.  In the story, the main character Danny, meets a variety of animals while looking for a gift for his mother.  The last animal that he meets is Mr. Bear.

We had a bear mask so that the children could pretend to be a bear.

 We played a game where each child was given a card with either an animal or an object pictured on it. The object was the suggested gift that the animal told to Danny.  The children then tried to pair the gift with the animal.
 Then made a sequence of the animals and gifts found in the story.
 We looked at a variety of pictures of farm animals.
 While the younger children were doing this, Rebecca was with the group of older children.  They had all read the first chapter from The Mad Scientist Club.  They each then made something to bring and show that related to the story in some way.  It was fun seeing the creativity behind these creations!  There were models, remote control cars, lego creations and more.
 For our snack we had an "unbirthday" party.  Since Danny was looking for a birthday gift for his mom, we celebrated birthdays too!
  Its a fun reason to have a party, right?
 The younger children then went and worked on a craft.  They made cards to be sent to family or friends.  No occasion specified so that their cards could be used whenever they wanted.
 Lots of materials so that they were free to create!
 Eliana really likes to glue things.  I'm not sure why and I am sure that we don't do enough of this at home!
 The older children finished up with a variety of water science experiments.  I wasn't able to get many pictures of this group since I was with Eliana.  This last one was creating a tornado in the soda bottles.
It was a fun morning with friends and we look forward to our next week.

More tomorrow!  I promise!