Sunday, July 6, 2014

A field trip to go with The Big Green Pocketbook!

Did I mention in the last post that I love this book?  Some of it may be due to the sweet memories I have of doing this book with all of my children.  It was such a favorite of Rebecca's that her 3rd birthday party was a Big Green Pocketbook birthday party!  And part of the delight of this story is actually going on a bus ride just like the girl in the book.  We met some of our co-op friends (and siblings) to go on a local bus ride.  Doesn't she look excited for this adventure?  And check out that cute pocketbook!  :D
We had a beautiful day!  It was cooler than normal (end of May) which was just perfect for walking around without even breaking a sweat.  We met our friends at the bus stop at a nearby mall.  Here it comes!
 Several siblings joined in the fun - Rebecca and Daniel and Joshua came too.  Isaiah stayed home with Christopher.
 We took a ride to Chapel Hill and everyone brought their green pocketbooks/tote bags.  :)
 We were dropped off in the middle of UNC campus and spent some time exploring as we walked through the campus to downtown.
 Lots to see.
 We just had fun being together too.  I wasn't sure how much of this Eliana would be able to do, but she did a fabulous job of walking the entire day!
 Checking out the tall monument.
 When we got to town, we explored a variety of shops just like the little girl in the story.  This is the post office.  A nice lady there let Eliana mail her letters.  (I should have thought ahead to bring some and was grateful for her kindness.)
 We went into a bank and several other shops on main street.
We walked up one side of the street and then down the other.  Just on one block.  
The kids enjoyed interacting with this mural.  
The man "beside" Daniel is actually someone that we met many years ago.  It was fun to see him there.  
Eliana was delighted to see her Daddy waiting for her as we crossed the street.  
 We went into Sutton's for lunch.  Its a tradition here - kind of like the lunch counter in the story.
 It was busy, but we were there early and able to get great seats.

 This was a fun place to eat lunch.
 And especially since we were with family and friends.
 It was a squeeze, but we did all fit in the booth.  :)
 After lunch, we started walking back towards the bus stop.  On the way, we visited the church where Roger and I got married.  There is a beautiful rose garden outside.
 And here is a picture of the inside.  Roger was friends with the minister here when we met.  :)
 Back through campus.
 Just thought this picture was adorable!  :D  Love seeing her holding on to that pocketbook.
 I love watching kids explore and have fun!  They can truly make the most of anything when they are outside, can't they?
 Another sweet one with her big brother.
 This is the group at the end of our adventure.  So thankful for these friends.
 We made one last stop before going home to get some ice cream.  Christopher and Isaiah met us there.
It was a sweet ending to our trip.

If you are reading this book (and I do recommend it highly), this trip is an awesome way to really make great memories with your child.  It was a simple outing, but so much fun.


PS  That wraps up May and I'm on to June next!  Getting close to being caught up!