Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Fun Day

Yesterday was a lovely day.  We had our first meeting of our Five in a Row homeschool group.  We met at a wonderful local park (Pullen) that has rides in addition to a great playspace.  We had thought it might rain and it looked very threatening on our drive over.  Instead, we enjoyed cooler than usual temps - and a gorgeous day!

It was fun to welcome 3 new families to our group and to see old friends as well.  I enjoy our field trips and outings so much and I'm glad to get back to them.  We typically go on field trips every other week with this group.  It's a really special group of friends for whom I've very thankful. 

The children had a great time running around and playing.  Christopher did a great job taking a wide variety of photos of all of the children.  He is going to help with photography for our group's yearbook.  I think he has a good eye. 

After the park, I wanted to run by the Farmer's Market since we were so close.  It was a quick trip due to some sleepers, but we did manage to buy some yummy things.

Hmm ... can you tell what this is - or how much of it?


I know this doesn't look like a lot - but it's 65 ears of corn.  I thought I'd try my hand at putting some in the freezer.  I did about 25 ears last night with Roger's help.  I finished the rest tonight with a friends help.  The corn tastes sweet and yummy!  I hope we'll enjoy it.

More later.  It's late now and I need to get some sleep.  We've had a busy week and I have more I'd like to share.