Saturday, December 14, 2013

A variety of fall happenings

Just some random fall happenings.

Rebecca found something that she wanted to make.  A really cool gift for a friend.  She and Roger went to work, making a bookshelf.  Not just an ordinary bookshelf though.

It was a surprise for her sweet friend's birthday and they worked hard to get it completed on time!

Isn't it fabulous!  (Its a TARDIS from Dr Who for any who aren't familiar.)
The cul-de-sac is a fun place to play with friends.
Trying to set off a mento/coke geyser that fell over and was spraying wildly!
Ultimate frisbee game played with teams.  Great for a wide span of ages too!

 A visit to the State Fair.  We loved seeing Treebeard there!  He really did walk and talk too!
 My younger ones love this exhibit on things grown in NC!
My two youngest cuties.

 And then the rides.  Lots of rides.
 Eliana loves the rides and its such fun to see her delighted expressions while she is on them!

 Bumper cars have long been a family favorite.

 Removing glasses so that they don't go flying off.
 At one point, I see a teen eyeing Eliana and then saying something to a friend.  My heart wonders then if it is going to be something me.  To my delight and surprise, it was quite the opposite!  This sweet young man walks up and asks if he can give this duck to Eliana.  She was very happy to receive it!  A very sweet gesture on the part of this young man and something that warmed this mama's heart.
 We did try one game - with no luck.

 Lots of food - but not many pictures of it.  (Or not many that are worth sharing!)

 A quick visit with Christopher and friends while there was fun too.

This is Eliana at her therapy.  One of the student therapists made this hamburger!  Isn't it cute?  And a lot of fun to play with too!

A quick look at some of our fall fun.  Next up is one of our biggest events of the fall.   (Sorry I've been so slow to catch up and post pictures, but will try to get Family Event pictures posted soon!)