Thursday, July 16, 2009

Diabetes Clinic

This is long overdue and I apologize.  Things have just been ... busy.  :-)  This is kind of factual, but just sharing more about our clinic visit on Tuesday.

We left early and got to the hospital in time to park, walk across the bridge and check in.  They are very punctual (which is really nice!) and we were called as we were checking in.  Everyone we met was very nice and helpful!  Great staff!

First a check of the basics - height, weight, temp, etc.  Then to the room.  We spent most of the time with the Nurse Practiioner and a resident.  She talked with us about some of the information that we had covered before - but it was a good review.  It was soooo much to take in at first and I find I hear new things each time. 

His blood results showed that his A1C number had dropped to 12.1!  This is good news!  A good drop I think in just three weeks time.  He was 15 just three weeks ago.  Normal is 5-7.  This number looks at the rate of blood sugars over the last 3 months.  His now indicate an average of 345.  Still too high (obviously), but moving in the right direction!

Some other results.  There is still blood in his urine and he is being referred to a nephrologist to further explore.  The good news is that we've already had a renal ultrasound and CT scan which show no causes for the problem.  The other piece of (hopefully) good news is that there is some familial history of this and hopefully it will just be something that *is* that doesn't have a problem behind it. 

His weight is of concern.  Have I mentioned that he is really skinny?  Even though he is a good eater?  He is at the 5th percentile for weight.  :-(  He eats well and snacks often.  Not really sure how to boost his weight and am hoping that will come in time. 

We also spoke with a nutritionist.  Our goal is for Joshua to eat 14 carb choices (15grams of carbs per choice) each day.  That is about 4 per meal and 1 per snack.  I should have asked about getting more calories in without the carbs.  That is not easy!  She also said we don't need a scale - though I'm still interested in one as I think it would help a lot with fruits and  veggies.  Right now it is really a guess. 

We also had another medicine change.  We are off of regular and now on Novolog and Lantus.  She is hoping that this will just cover meals and not "stack" the insulin in the evenings when he has two shots.  So far, we are seeing much higher numbers.  While it is good not to have the lows, I'm not sure I really like the highs either.  He was feeling funny after going to bed and we checked at 11:20pm and it was 332.  That is really high.  I've emailed his dr and I'm sure she'll get back to me if we are to correct the dosage.

We are supposedly in the honeymoon.  I was hoping we wouldn't see these high numbers and that there might be a reprieve from some of the insulin shots for awhile.  That would be nice.  We are currently at 4 shots per day.  Pokes vary - some days have more than others.  Today it was 7. 

Other news - we are all healthy!!!  Yippee!!!  No sickness since Saturday.  :-)  We have more going on and I'll post more later.  Eliana started music therapy today and it was a big hit.  Rebecca is in a drama camp this week.  We are looking forward to seeing the production. 

More later.  It's time for sleep.