Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Update

Just wanted to update a little on our day.  It seems silly sometimes to just post and post about our lives, though I know some people are reading and do appreciate your prayers.  Your notes and comments have been sweet too.  :-)

I took Joshua to the renal ultrasound appt today a little after noon.  We took our bag with a game (thanks Rebecca as we have had a lot of fun with this!), puzzle book and more.  Joshua worked on lunch on the there.  I learned a lesson that I'm sure will be repeated.  We are carb counting now and administer his insulin (one of them) based on the number of carbs he has eaten.  Since he slept in late and hadn't had a shot yet, I wanted to be sure he got one at lunch.

I made a lunch, counted the carbs and figured he could take the food with him.  Well, about 5 min down the road, I realized he didn't have about half of his food.  So we turned around and went back.  I weighed the cost of being late (they wanted us there 15 min early) versus what not having the food would do to his body.  I choose the food.  He could not afford another low.  As it turned out, our timing worked out just fine too. 

The ultrasound was long.  I asked the sonographer if she would be interpreting the results and she said no, it would be a radiologist (dr) who would then talk with our ped.  I sat at the end of the bed while Joshua had the test done.  Up until that point, I realized that I had felt light about this appt.  I really viewed it as just something to cross off the list, not really searching for a problem if that makes sense.

Well, as we were sitting there, I saw her go back to an area that she had already studied and measured.  It was then that I felt fear seep into my mind and heart.  I knew that she was looking at something, though I didn't know what.  I knew not to ask as they can't tell you anyway.  My mind started racing with things that could be wrong.  I know that there is a link between diabetes and kidney problems, but surely not so soon.

I thought about how people sometimes comment that I am "strong".  I don't always feel so strong.  I think handling trials has made me realize how very weak that I am.  I probably thought I was strong before I had been tested.  Now, I know better.  I think that being strong is sometimes just doing what you have to do.  You do what you have to do for your children.  That is part of being a parent.  You don't always have a choice.  I also know that my strength comes from God.  I can't imagine doing any of this without Him.  He is faithful and always with us. 

So, I began to pray in that little dark room.  Praying for our brave little boy who has been through a lot in the last two weeks.  Praying for health.  Praying for his body to be fine.

When the testing ended, she had us wait as she wanted to check with the dr to make sure she had gotten all the pictures that were needed.  Then she asked us to wait for the dr. to come talk with us.  I began to feel nervous again - thinking that this must mean bad news.

The doctor came out to talk with us.  She had been unable to reach our ped and didn't want us to have to wait to hear the news.  (That was very considerate!)  She told us that his kidneys look healthy and that they did find one thing that wasn't normal.  The collection area of his left kidney is too large.  They aren't sure why.  It could be that this is normal for him or it could be a sign of an obstruction.  I left thinking that this was the end of it.

When we got home, we got in a poke and then a snack.  Then I headed up to take a nap.  I got in a short one before the phone rang.  It was our ped.  She talked more about the results of the test.  She doesn't want to let it go in case there is something wrong.  She wants another test (CT) done to see if there is an obstruction in his kidney.  This is unrelated to his sickness and his diabetes.  This is just another something going on in his body.

She told me that she was trying to find out if insurance would cover the test before getting it scheduled.  She wants it done tomorrow.  I'm guessing we'll get a phone call in the morning to set it up.

I also  got a call from the endo wanting to know how Joshua was doing.  We were both very pleased with his numbers today.  Most in the 100s and one in the 200s.  No lows!!!  Yippee!!!  This new med seems to be doing a better job.  She again said what a great job we are doing taking care of Joshua.  She is confident that we could move to an insulin pump soon if Joshua would like that.  We'll definitely consider this, but first I want to get rid of the sickness.

Christopher, Daniel and Joshua are all feeling better this evening.  They all slept a good bit today and were able to eat supper.  Roger just told me that he is feeling a little queasy.  Praying that he doesn't get sick too!!!  Praying that Eliana would be spared as well.

As always, thank you for praying.  I'm off to sleep now.


Monday morning

Last night was a long night - or maybe better said, a sleepless night.  Roger and I were up talking some (should have gone to sleep).  Christopher started feeling badly.  He rarely gets sick. 

By 2am, it was time for Joshua's finger poke.  His numbers were good.  181.  Thank you God!  We are really trying to avoid crashes/lows!  Off to sleep.

At 4:30, I was awakened because Joshua's tummy hurt.  I went to his room and sat by his bed.  A little while later, he began throwing up - and having diarrhea.  :-(  Poor little guy feels so crummy.  In a very disappointed voice he said, "Doesn't look like the new medicine is working".  I assured him that it could very well be working and helping, but not against whatever is making him so very sick. 

After trying to go back to sleep, I was awakened awhile later by a noise.  I rushed to the bathroom to find Daniel sick.  I helped him and then got him settled and then tried again to sleep.

It seemed that 8am came very early (I'm hoping for a nap later today!).  I got up to check Joshua's numbers.  Good  again.  130.  He is asleep on the floor of my bedroom.  (Not my top choice since the people sleeping in that room haven't gotten sick yet - but I hate to move him too.)  I can't imagine the range of emotions that he must be feeling.  I remember how scary it is to feel sick and so out of control of your body.  And then the pain and discomfort.  It's just hard.  

I called his dr and she said I could let him sleep.  I'll only give insulin as needed for what he eats.  That is good news.  She was pleased with his numbers too and was very encouraging about what a good job we are doing in caring for him.

I hear my name being yelled and go upstairs to find a mess.  :-(  Poor Daniel has gotten sick all over the floor of his room.  I start cleaning him up and the phone rings from the other dr's office.  I talk briefly and she says she'll call back and leave the info on our message machine.  Good plan.  I spend time cleaning up Daniel and the carpet.  Get him settled into the "sick room" (Christopher's room b/c it has a private bathroom). 

Time to start laundry - I'm going to try to do all the sheets today and towels and maybe air out the rooms.  I just don't know what else I should or could be doing to try to clean up around here.  I'm open to ideas if anyone has them. 

I've cancelled Eliana's therapy - who wants to come into a house with so much sickness.  Joshua has a renal ultrasound later this afternoon.  (Roger will be able to come home to be with the other children - again who would want to come hang out here?)

In the midst of all this mess, I still have much to be thankful for.  I'm thankful that Eliana has not had to deal with this.  Please pray that she would stay well.  Roger and I have also stayed well and I hope and pray that continues as well.

I'm thankful that we have great doctors, willing to go out of their way to help us.  I'm also thankful for their encouragment. 

I'm thankful for friends and family who are praying for us.  Again, the encouragment is wonderful.  Thank you!

I'm thankful for God.  I can't imagine walking this without Him.  He gives me a peace in the midst of all this, well, mess.  The calm in my heart could only be from Him.  It doesn't mean I'm not concerned, I am.  I trust that the One who loves my children more than I can even imagine is holding them (and me) in the palm of His hand!  He is good. 

I'll hear the results later this afternoon/evening from the renal u/s.  Other than that, I'm not expecting to much news to share.  Three children sick is quite enough for now, kwim?  :-) 

Thank you friends your prayers and encouragment!