Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our Time at the Beach!

Well, I'm finally getting around to posting about our trip to the beach.  It was a fun week!  I love going in the fall when it isn't as hot or as crowded.  Catherine's family was staying about a mile from us and it was nice to see them during the week too. 

We left on a Saturday.  The men and children went ahead - Catherine, the babies and I, left last.  We tried to time it so we wouldn't have to stop, but did stop twice to feed them.  It was nice to have some time to just talk - without being interupted! 

The weather was beautiful despite the predictions of lots of rain.  We spent one day at the aquarium which happened to be the day that it rained. 

Here are some photos of our week. 

Eliana loved the beach.  She liked the sand and also the water.  She loved taking her little feet and moving them back and forth in the sand and/or the water.  She was happy to sit and play.  The children made her a small "tide pool" with a little seat which she loved being in. 

I'm sorry this photo is sideways.  I've tried changing it and it's changed in photobucket, but not sure why it won't change here. 

 Playing and riding on the boogie boards are a big hit with my children! 

 The pools formed at low tide are always a fun place to play.

 These three little guys just crack me up sometimes.  They have a blast whereever they go.

 Daniel insisted on holding Eliana for a photo.  This gave passersby quite a chuckle.  She didn't mind at all, though her hat kept falling in her face.  I couldn't get this one turned right either - sorry.

 Roger had to leave in the middle of the week for a business trip.  I was a little nervous about being in a different place without his help, but we all did fine.  We decided to go to the aquarium one day.  (I thought a field trip would be easier than going out on the beach.)  It ended up being a great day to be inside as it stormed.  We were given scavenger hunt forms to read and find various things.

There was a Pirate exhibit there which my children all enjoyed.  Well, probably the boys most of all.  If I can add any pictures of that outing, I will.  I was encouraged that we were able to be out and about for a good part of the day.  Eliana is a very good traveller.  She didn't eat all that great, but well enough.  I forgot one of the pump parts so I wasn't able to feed her through the tube anyway. 

I'm glad we had the opportunity to go to the beach.  It made me think that we should probably go more often.  Time for me to get some sleep now.  I'll try to add more tomorrow.

We are busy planning for a pirate birthday party here on Friday, so I'll have more to share soon.  It's been a very busy week thus far - and more to come!