Monday, May 16, 2011

Beyond Co-op: Boxcar Children #2

For our second Co-op of Boxcar Children, we covered chapters 4-6.  What a fun hands-on day of learning! We've done a lot of learning with this unit on food, nutrition and health!  Its been neat to see a lot of things tying together as we continue to move through the lessons.  

 After talking about grains and the nutrition of whole wheat and white bread, it was time to put our hands to work making bread!
 First they readied their work surfaces.
 Next it was time for the dough.
 They each received a hand full.
 Rolled it into a snake.

 Ended up with a knot!  Then we had to wait for the dough to rise again.
 The kids then played a fun activity to get to know each other better.  They used this time to talk, learn and also to encourage.

More nutritional information - this time on berries.  We also learned that its not just fun to eat produce, but also to use it to make homemade watercolors!
 The kids each drew a picture and then chose the colors that they wanted to use on their pictures.

 I love the creativity and variety in art work that I always see in groups of children!
 More cooking lessons!  What fun to make your own snack by following a recipe!  I really should let my younger children do this more often at home!  They all loved it.  Simple, delicious and fun!
 Mmmm ... don't these look good?!
What a fun day!  Wish you could all be there for the fun!  I'm hoping some of these ideas will help others who are co-oping these great books!  Thanks Lea and Julie for all you did!  We had a blast!