Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beyond FIAR Co-op: Cricket in Times Square 2

More fun with Cricket in Times Square.  We started with a devotion.  We often use the devotions that are in the Bible supplement.  I know that I used this as a springboard for discussion when its my turn to teach.  I love that this is an easy way to relate what is happening in the story with something that God is teaching us in the Bible.

 The focus of our lesson to day was on China.  The children learned so many interesting things from one of our moms who has Chinese heritage.  The history of the Emperors was told while the children looked at a picture of the Emperor.  Each child was given a card to hold and they made a visual timeline with them.
A cricket cage.
And a cricket found by one of the students.
As part of their lesson on China, they took time to practice writing some Chinese words/symbols using calligraphy.
From learning how to wet the ink and use just a small amount in the dish to how to hold the pens correctly, there was a lot to learn.
Each student was given a paper with numbers on it and also their "name".
Joshua wetting the ink in preparation for writing.
It was a lovely day and this was a fun activity to do outside.
I love seeing them all engaged and having fun.
Some were more familiar and comfortable with the writing, but all enjoyed trying.

A shot of the whole group that I forget to take the first time that we met.
While waiting for their snack, we had an impromptu lesson on how to use chopsticks.
Our table represented two different foods - one side was Chinese food.
The other Italian food.
All of it was delicious and it was all devoured!
What a fun way to explore other countries and cultures.  I love learning with friends and remain thankful for this opportunity!