Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Radio Interview

I'm not sure how this works, but perhaps you can listen to the interview tomorrow by following this link to the webpage of the station doing the broadcasting.

 My dh just sent these links to the website of the station doing the interview.  It looks like you may be able to listen to a live broadcast.

And here is a link to a webcam.  (Guess I do need to look decent for a radio interview.  LOL )

Roger found these and sent them to me.  I hope they might help someone who is interested in listening - like you Mom.  :-) 

I'm off to bed now as it will be a full morning tomorrow.



Radio Interview tomorrow - and a funny story to share

Hi Friends,

I have mentioned this before, but wanted to share it again.  I'll be doing a radio interview tomorrow (Valentine's Day) at 10am.  Duke Children's Hospital is doing their annual Radiothon and they have asked me to share Eliana's story.  I'll be talking with Bill and Sheri of MIX 101.5 for those of you that are local.  They liked the idea of the heart connection with the holiday. 

I would love prayers for clarity and words to share that would offer hope and encouragment.  I have no idea how long it will be (I"m guessing not very) or if I'll be asked questions.  I'm excited about the opportunity. 


Here's the funny story.  I was just giggling over this and thought it may give some of you a laugh too. 

We were talking at dinner last night about colleges and jobs. Do I really have one old enough to be considering any of that?!!! Anyway, Christopher mentioned motorsports engineering and I said that it would mean he needed to focus on his math. He also talked about being interested in sports medicine, to which I responded that good math and science skills were needed there.

Well, then the other children wanted to share their ideas of jobs they would enjoy. This was the one that made me laugh.

Joshua (8yo) - "I want to be a baseball player because they don't have to know anything."

I'm sure he was thinking about school subjects when he made the comment - but still.