Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Misc happenings in March

So many things that don't really fit into a day or a theme, but are just parts of life.  Most of life is that way.  Not a celebration or an event, but just the daily happenings that make up our life.

Here is a peek at a few things that happened last month.  I was able to spend a week-end with friends scrapbooking!  I haven't done this since before Eliana was born and it was so much fun!
Roger and the children went to a friend's house to hang out so that we could have the house for the girls week-end!  Did I mention that it was fun?!

 And I got so much done.  That was encouraging.  I still have much to do though.  Its a project that always seems to be behind.  LOL  More than just getting things done though, it was fun to have this time with my friends.  I'm so thankful for my friends (those here and those not).

Our weeks always include therapy.  Eliana has speech and occupational therapy.  This is a fuzzy picture, but its my big girl riding a trike and doing a great job!

 And doctor's appointments too.  We have had so many the last few months it seems.  Some are routine and others are diagnostic.  Joshua had a great (but LONG) diabetes clinic visit last month.  His A1C had improved greatly and it encouraged me a lot!
 After co-op one day, some of my friends and I were talking about health and how to achieve better health.  We talked about doing a juice fast.  We decided to try to do this together.  To encourage each other.  I never would have done it on my own!

After the first couple of days, I wasn't sure that I was glad that I started it either.  My first couple of drinks were not good!  This was the first one.  It needed way more apples to balance out all of that kale.
 The first couple of days I was VERY cold, grumpy and hungry!  I was dropping weight pretty quickly (for me) and finally figured out how to get in more calories to slow that down.  By the 4th day, I felt GREAT!  My head was clear, I was not tired.  No headaches.  And LOTS of energy!  It was as though I had never realized that I wasn't feeling good.  It was very encouraging.
I stayed on the fast for 7 days.  I weaned off of it slowly, but still found that I felt badly eating a lot of more traditional foods.  I'm still trying to figure out how best to eat healthy.  I have cut out wheat (which I had mostly done before) and white sugar.  I'm trying to eat mostly whole foods and foods made from scratch.  Its a journey and one that I know I will continue to learn about.  I'm thankful for friends to have done this with me!

So, there's a peek into an interesting couple of weeks at our house.  More soon.  I'm hoping to post each day this week.