Saturday, September 14, 2013

Summer is almost over ...

And today it even felt like fall might be approaching.

I've taken a long hiatus from blogging over the summer.  It wasn't planned, but life has just been busy.  I know you can all relate to that!  Juggling a full household just takes time and I'll share a bit on what has taken my time.  I want to share some fun summer things - trips, a birthday party and our back to school fun, then I'll dive into what we are currently up to - field trips, co-ops and  hopefully share more about how I am homeschooling Eliana.  I know that I'm so thankful for those who blog and share about how they homeschool a child with Down syndrome and I'm hoping I can do the same.

Here are some of our fun June happenings ... except for one big event.  I'll post more about Daniel's birthday party in the next post.  We started the day with a breakfast of his choosing.  And the red plate of course for the birthday boy!  It was so nice to have everyone here!  Christopher was off from his job on Daniel's birthday which was a sweet thing!

We also spent another week at the beach with my sister's family and my Mom.  We missed having Christopher, Brad and my Dad there with us, but thankful that the rest of us could have some fun together!

 Cousin fun!
 We love walking to the pier.  Walking on the beach is one of my favorite things to do!
 Sometimes we go on the pier too.

I love vacations at the beach.  Its a (mostly) relaxing place to hang out.  Eliana adores the water and sand and will stay out and play for many hours!

 We had a big water fight - splashing activity.  I was exempt since I was holding the camera.  LOL

 Father-son race to see who is the fastest.
 Love the water welcome at the end!
 Daniel also chose to build instead of getting splashed.  Something fun for everyone!
 Caught a nice sized crab too.  I love seeing so many neat things here.  Each year it is something different.  We had beautiful weather and a delightful time!
 Father's Day.  I love these people so very much!!!
A visit to see my parents included a nice walk outside.  (And not many other pictures)

And just for fun ... a little bit of sassy cuteness to end the post.

Just a bit of our June.  More coming on Daniel's Lego party.

I hope your summer was delightful and filled with fun memories spending time with people you love.