Saturday, July 17, 2010

Camp - Day 4 - Ice Cream

This was Rebeca's biggest camp day. She had 10 children attending. It was a lot of fun!  The beginning was a devotion and then a book on ice cream.  We did a unit study on ice cream a couple of years ago and had a blast with it!  It's a wonderful topic to explore.  I highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun thing to do this summer!

Next was an experiment about the effects of salt on the temperature of water.

The children were then given 10 tasks to accomplish.  They were to split up so that each child had one task.  This was so much fun and the kids loved it.  After going through it once, many of the children then wanted to go through the whole thing themselves.  Here were the items in the obstacle course.

Walking the balance beam - backwards

Carrying a beanbag on your head across the yard and back.

Hitting the golf ball into a large hole - blindfolded.  This was actually quite funny as the kids were trying to help him with his aim.

Carrying an egg on a spoon to the cones and back.


Jumprope 20 times

Kicking the ball around the cones and back again.

Crabwalk - forward and backwards across the yard

Jump through the rungs of the ladder


Next was the moment that they had all been waiting for - ice cream.  They took turns adding their ingredients into a baggie to make their own ice cream.  Rebecca also had an assortment of toppings - fruit and sprinkles - that they could add if they wanted to.

Another ice cream book and how the waffle cone was invented.

After listening to the story, the kids were to come up with their own ideas of how the cone was invented.  They split into 3 groups, gathered props from a box Rebecca provided and the acted out their story for the others.

The morning ended with some quizzes.  They tried to work together to figure out which countries eats the most ice cream, the top 5 ice cream flavors and the top 5 ice cream producing states.  Some of the kids held signs while the others tried to sort them. 

Fun day.  I think a lot of sweet memories were made this morning!