Monday, December 17, 2007

Birthday Picture and a look at our week.

I wanted to add a photo for y'all to see.  I'm still working on the slide show - and getting more birthday photos uploaded.  It's late though and will have to wait until tomorrow.  We have a somewhat busy week ahead.

Tuesday - Daniel has his first dental appointment early in the morning.  Later in the day Eliana has her 1yo check-up.  She will also be getting the synagis shot at this appointment.  My two youngest boys have music class in the afternoon, though we may be missing it.  Isaiah was sleeping - a lot - this afternoon.  When he woke up, he was feverish.  I sure hope this is something that ends quickly - and doesn't get shared!  He will definitely not be going and I'm not sure if I'll take Daniel or not.  Joshua and Rebecca have play practice for the Christmas Eve story at church in the evening. 

Wednesday - Feeding therapy for both Daniel and Eliana.  Daniel really enjoyed his visit last week and has been talking about going back every day.  I hope he'll make progress.  We are seeing some progress - small steps - but in the right direction!  We also have physical therapy the same day.  It's a long day and a tough day to get much schooling done. 

Thursday - More dental appointments for my two oldest.  Then we will be done for 6 months with dental visits!  The next round of appts will be on the same day.  :-) 

Friday - Nothing!!!  Yippee!  This might be a good day to work on gingerbread houses.  (LOL, yes right after all of our visits to the dentist.)  Or some holiday baking - we've done none this year.  I'm not a huge cook though so that isn't so surprising.  I did see a really fun (and easy looking) recipe on my friend Nikki's blog.  I'm hoping to try that out tomorrow - or maybe one other day this week.

Well, I'm headed to bed as that 8:30 appointment is going to be early!  Here is a picture of our princess on her birthday.  I'll post more later this week.