Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A look at our week!

Well, things continue to stay busy and full.  I like our life though - and I'm not complaining.  I'm thankful - very thankful - for all that many ways God has blessed me and our family.

So, what's been keeping us busy this week?  Here's a look:

Monday - We had our therapy appointments (occupational - sensory and feeding) for Daniel and Eliana.  We met one of the gals from the Duke Development office to deliver Rebecca's bracelets.  She delivered 125 of them!  Way to go Rebecca.  I have to say that I'm very proud of her effort.  She has spent hours and hours over the last month working on bracelets.  She has found that listening to books on tape is a fun thing to do while working.  She is still working on making more items so that she can have things to sell at the "boutique" area after the luncheon. 

This is a picture of Rebecca with the bracelets she delivered.  The quality isn't the greatest - my camera is acting up.  It's at the shop now.

Therapy went well.  Daniel did very well.  He enjoyed the sensory activities on the front end.  (He has moderate tactile defensiveness for those that might be interested.)  He really enjoys this play and looks forward each week to going to see Miss L.  After that, we go to another room to eat.  Daniel was still in a good place.  We cut up fruit - and ate most of it.  He's eaten it before, but been resistant to it recently.  Having him involved in the cutting seems to help.  He does like to help cook and I've been trying to include him more often in this activity.  He ate apples and cantaloupe and tried chocolate pudding. 

Eliana didn't do as well on the eating - though not poorly.  Her therapist wants me to try to feed her regular food/baby food 3 times a day along with our meals.  I told her that this was doable with the exception of her therapy days.  So this is our new goal. 

We also started some of our testing.  NC law requires that we test children once they reach 7 years of age.  I don't find it particularly helpful - I already know the areas in which the struggle and excel.  It's not a difficult requirement though and I'm happy to comply if it helps to keep our state homeschool friendly.  This year I'm testing my three oldest. 

We split up in the evening.  Rebecca attended a try-out for a challenge soccer league.  She enjoys the game and this is a Christian league that looks like it might be a good fit for her.  She was nervous about trying out.  I tried to encourage her by telling her that they just wanted to be sure that each girl was on the best type of team for her abilities.  It could be discouraging to be on a team if you felt your skills were lacking.  I'm hoping she plays to her ability and that the best decision is made.

I attended a workshop at our local homeschool store on writing a research paper and writing an essay.  The company is Analytical Grammar and I do highly recommend their materials.  We've used some of their books over the last two years and found it to be  very comprehensive and good.

Tuesday - We stayed home and did school!  I love days like this that are pretty uninterupted.  After a hectic yesterday, it was a welcome relief.  The boys are rowing Daniel's Duck.  It's a story of a boy that carves a duck and enters it into the spring fair.  When people laugh at it, he grabs it angrily and is about to toss it into the river when he is stopped by an older man.  The man explains that people laughed because it made them feel good.  As the two talked, the boy realized that he is speaking with a very famous artist - who carves animals.  Its a sweet story and we've enjoyed our time with it.  We've cooked and studied a variety of topics.  They are both looking forward to carving something.  (We'll use soap!)

This is the meal - chicken stew, ham and cheese biscuits and praline pumpkin pie for dessert.

The older children have continued with testing.  Daniel is happy to do his "activities".  He enjoys cutting and a wide variety of fine motor skills.  He is also liking the "literacy box" I've started putting together for Eliana.  I think that making things for her will be a benefit for him too.  He will be a good one to test things out. 

Wednesday - Another busy day with therapy.  We have speech in the morning.  Eliana continues to make improvments - though at a much slower pace.  I'm thrilled though with each new step.  It's exciting to see her trying to learn and do things.

One sign I've been working on with her for months is "milk".  I saw her using this sign (opening and closing the fist), though not in the right context.  So know I know she can physically make the sign, I just wish she would use it!  Patience - always something I need work on!

We also had physical therapy today.  I had to wake her from a nap for this though and she really didn't want to be pushed.  She had spent soooo much time in the earlier therapy session showing off how she can stand up - and she wouldn't do it in the afternoon but for a couple of seconds.  (It's not a long stand, but it's a start!)

I get many compliments on Eliana's hair - and almost always it's something Rebecca has done for her.  This one with ribbons in her braids was really cute!

Thursday - I'll be going to the NCHE conference with Eliana, Christopher and Rebecca.  We'll be going with friends.  The conference lasts until Sat, but the girls will be coming home with a friend on Friday.  It will be my first time away from Eliana for more than just a couple of hours.  (This will only be 24 - but still a night away.)  Sometimes those "firsts" can be hard. 

I'm looking forward to the conference, but this one will be quite different for me.  It will be the first one in 10 years that I've just attended.  I've been a vendor for Five in a Row for the last 10 years.  Due to changes in the way some books are being produced (digitally) and the nature of the market. the time of being a vendor has come to a close.  I'm kind of sad about it - I really enjoyed the opportunity to share this wonderful curriculum with others.  It's been a huge blessing to my family for over a decade - and hopefully many more years to come!

I should probably close as it's getting late and I still need to pack.  Some things never change.  LOL

Just thought I'd add this photo.  It's one that Daniel took of us one day at the park.  He really enjoys taking pictures and is often quite good at it!