Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Eliana!!!

Another birthday for our family.  The fall is so full with birthdays!  Our little princess had her 6th birthday.  Truly, it doesn't seem like she is 6 years old.  Some of that is just the natural passing of time where things just seem to go more quickly the more years you have under your belt.  The other is that she truly doesn't seem like a 6 year old.  Still young in so many ways, not the least of which is her tiny size.  More than made up for by her huge smile!

Rebecca took her out for a photo shoot on her birthday and she was more than happy to comply.  Of course, Rebecca made sure that her hair was beautiful.
We are so thankful for you sweet girl.  For all that you have taught us about love and life, about God and his strength and grace, about trust and thankfulness.  Our lives have changed so much since you joined our family.  While we have faced challenges, they have been more than overshadowed by the joys.  We remain thankful for the good gift that God has given us in the children He has blessed us with!
We planned to have a party for her birthday, but as the day got closer it just seemed too much to pull off.  We really want to have a fun theme party for her.  This time of year is just so busy for everyone.  We decided to postpone her big party until next month.  When we have more time to plan and enjoy!  We still celebrated though in our usual way and she enjoyed it all.

We ate some of her favorite foods.  Pancakes for breakfast.  Tacos for lunch.  All with the red plate!  Oh, and gluten free pizza (homemade!) for dinner.

In the evening it was time for opening gifts.

Daniel spent some of his own earned money at the Awana store to buy her some dress up shoes.
A knitted cap and sweater from her Nana.  Doesn't she look cute!
A new sticker book which is so much fun!
Time for the cake!
She typically LOVES blowing out the candles and can't wait for this to happen.
Not sure why this year she didn't want to blow them out.  We encouraged.  Tried to help.  Cheered her on.  Yet, she resisted.
Finally though, she did blow them out.  Happy Birthday sweet princess!

Eliana, I thank God for you every day!  I'm so glad that He gave you to our family!  You bring laughter and love and soooo many hugs!  I love watching you learn and grow.  You have taught me so many things.  Things I didn't realize that I needed to learn.  I know that God has a great plan in store for you and for our family too.  I love you precious girl!