Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No one warned me

I'm not sure why I didn't see this one coming - or why I haven't heard other moms talking about it.  But I haven't it and it hit me out of the blue.

Christopher has been getting a LOT of mail lately.  A lot.  Taking the college exams has brought letters and applications from schools all over the US.  I think it's been fun for him to see the different schools and to look around at his options.  I think too it is nice to be courted from universities who believe you have something to offer. 

Checking the mail has never been Christopher's job - or at least not for a long time - but I notice that he takes it on some days.  I would too if I were getting the volume of mail he does (and junk mail does not count!). 

So one day, he placed one of his letters out on the counter for me to see.  This is the no warning part again.  I'm not even sure how it hit him when he saw it.  I don't guess he saw it coming either.

Should have I known that this was coming?  Maybe.  My reaction?  If you know me, I'm sure you can guess.  Tears.  I'm just not ready to believe that my "baby" is almost 18.  I remember when he was little (2ish) and I met a woman with "older kids" and feeling sorry for her as I didn't then realize that all the fun kept going and didn't stop when they were little.  (Oh, and the older children were the ripe ages of 5 and 7!  What a silly thought it seems now - but perspective will do that for you!) 

The draft.  Did I even know that they still did this?  I know it's an honor to serve our country, but I'm still not ready for my son to be in that position, kwim?  And I don't like thinking that I'll get to see that same letter 3 more times.  I'm sure I'll cry each time too. 

Time to count my blessings.  I'm so thankful to have Christopher as a son.  I'm thankful he is healthy and strong and has lived a good life.  (This really hits home when we are studying in the colonial period where the life expectancy was much, much shorter!).  I'm thankful for the fine young man he has become and I love being his mom!!!  I'm thankful to live in American and thankful for the men and women who have fought for our freedoms.  I'm thankful to serve a loving God who holds us all in His hands.