Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Special Night at Marbles Kids Museum

Well, we are back into school full swing.  I'm working hard on planning things for Eliana this year too and that is taking some time.  I do find though that with good planning, we are able to get more done.  Not a surprise at all!  This is one of the things that I've loved about using workboxes.  I'm combining a lot of things for Eliana to make a "curriculum" of sorts for her.  I'll share more on that in a different post when we actually have done a bit more.  :-)

Our days are full and I'm still working on a good routine for all of us that includes schooling, chores, exercise and fun.  It's probably always going to be a work in progress  All that to say, this is part of why I've been neglecting my blog.  Hoping to get better.

One of the local museums opens several nights of the year to families of kids with special needs.  Its free.  We went for the first time and it was so much fun!  I had to coerce one of mine (who shall remain nameless) to go.  He had a blast and I encouraged him to remember that next time he was fighting me on something that I told him he would enjoy!  I want him to just learn to trust me on things!  Makes me wonder how often God feels the same way about me.  Relax.  Trust me.  You will enjoy what I have planned for you.  Love it when the parenting lesson ends up being something that I learn from too!

This little girl just oozes delight, doesn't she?
So many fun places to pretend and interact with things.

We were surprised to see our princess on a huge banner there too!  Can you spot her picture?  (Upper right with the blue hat on.)  There were some tables there with information from various groups in our area.
Love the life-size things to play on and with in the museum!
A couple of my little chefs had a great time in the kitchen.

Doesn't it just look like a fun place to play?!
You can't see this whole display, so let me explain.  There was a wall of mirrors in front of Eliana.  There were some large buttons beside the mirror.  When you pushed a button you got music.  Eliana liked the latin music and she LOVED shaking the pompoms while looking at herself in the mirror.  It really tickled me and was so much fun to see her having a blast here.
You could pretend to play hockey - and even dress in some of the gear.
Surf as you try to balance on the surfboards.
A window that overlooked the street and sidewalk.
Everything is so well done at this museum - from displays to play areas.  Creative and tons of fun!
Pizza delivery bike.
Assembling felt pizzas.  There was an oven too.  Then you could put them in boxes for delivery.
Under the sea.
Aboard a pirate ship.

What a great time!  We'll definitely be going back.  If any of you are local or in the area, we do recommend Marbles Kids Museum.  I'm also really impressed that they are willing to put on a night like this for kids with special needs.  A very sweet way to reach out to this part of the community.