Monday, November 5, 2007

Fall Fun

I wanted to add a few pictures of some of our Fall Fun.  I feel like I haven't added any fun details in awhile.  First let me start with a cute picture of Eliana.

Before Eliana got sick we spent a few days doing some fun things - a visit to the State Fair to pick up our entries.  It was interesting seeing the fair as it was being set up and as it was taken down.  I wondered how long it would take to clean up the mess that was there. 

We also visited the Farmer's Market.  The younger boys went on a color hunt to see if they could find things for sale that represented various colors on their list.  The colors we saw were just beautiful and the boys did a good job in their search.

Rebecca and her friend Hanna were working on a project to find as many varieties of potatoes as they could.  All of us enjoyed the various samples that were available. 

This was also a good time to buy a few (small) pumpkins - and to have a traditional picture taken.

We also visited a corn maze with some friends.  There were clues hidden in the maze with educational questions/answers written on them.  It was fun - and also confusing!  We missed a couple of clues - which Christopher went back to find.  They had pedal cars, a barrel train and a hay ride. 

Roger and I celebrated (well, that isn't really what happened) our 18th wedding anniversary.  He brought me some beautiful roses and a very sweet card.  We had our hands full with sick little girl so no special outing this year.

Eliana is doing better.  She is feeling well - no temps.  Her feeding is pretty much back to normal and she even ate some baby food yesterday.  I've been so focused on getting her liquids in that solids have taken a back seat.  She is improving though and that is encouraging.  She still has diarrhea - and sounds like that may continue for awhile yet.  This is definitely a sign that the bacteria is still in her system.  Just tonight she woke in the wee hours - and has a bloody stool again.  I'm hoping that this won't  pick up again! 

Thankfully this has not spread to anyone else.  We are hoping have one designated diaper changer will help in this effort!  We still haven't gotten a call from the health dept.  Maybe we won't - I really don't know.  I'm not sure at this point we'll ever know where she got it.

I did receive another note from her ped.  She told me that her g-tube should be fine!  No need to care for it any differently.  She said the bacteria doesn't like to live in the stomach so we should be fine.  Her g-tube site doesn't seem to be as sensitive and is looking better too.

I had asked if it was possible that I touched something and then passed it on to her - touching her hands or her bottle while we were out.  (Just trying to figure out where she could have gotten this as she really hasn't touched much at all!)  Here is part of her reply to me.

YOU DID NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG!  If your hands were contaminated, you and the others should have gotten some illness.  We can't keep her in a bubble, and the toughness with which she handled this just tells us that she is one tough kid.

I know I keep saying it - and yes, I've told her too - our ped is a treasure!  Truly a special blessing from God in so many ways.

Well, there is always more... a tea party with our Keepers Group, a fun day of schooling today, the boys building a treehouse with their Dad.  That will have to wait for another day.  Let me end with another cute photo of Eliana. 

I am thankful for a time to post when there aren't many requests.  Life is settling down and we are finding our "new normal".  We are continuing to pray for Eliana's health - that she would be healed and suffer no long-term consequences.  We also continue to pray that this would not be spread.  I am very thankful that thus far it has remained contained!

I have much to be thankful for -

*a beautiful, loving and fun family

*a devoted husband and father

*encouraging and faithful friends

*material and physical comforts

*freedoms to live as we choose

~ and most of all a God who cares about each detail of our lives.  In the midst of dirty diapers, whining or complaining children and a house in chaos it can be hard to have the proper perspective.  This past year has given me new eyes to see a lot of things differently.  I am thankful for this new viewpoint and hope that I can continue to learn to look at things and see them the way God does.  To spend my efforts on things that really matter and let go of those that don't.  I think I'll be learning this for the rest of my life.  I'm glad that I have a patient teacher.

Blessings to you all,