Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little man.  I can't believe you are 7 years old.  Seems like you are getting so big some days - and then on others I still see my little boy.  You'll always be *my* little boy.  My youngest son.

I was so happy to see you arrive 7 years ago.  You were my biggest baby at almost 9 and a half pounds!  After an extremely rough pregnancy, I was delighted to have a healthy baby.

You delight me in so many ways.  I love your sense of humor and your curiosity.  It is exciting watching you growing and learning more each day.  I've especially enjoyed watching you grow this year in your abilities - especially in memorizing Bible verses and in having fun at church.

I love holding your hand and just talking with you.  I enjoy cooking with you and reading books.  I just enjoy you!  You are smart, organized and creative.

We celebrated Daniel's birthday a little early at the beach so that Christopher and my family could be a part of the celebration.  (More on that in another post.)  For his actual birthday, we asked him what he would like to eat and do on his special day.

For breakfast, he chose waffles.  (Have I mentioned that Eliana calls these "bopples".  Its really cute.)

 Soon afterwards, he was surprised by a fun activity planned fully by his brothers!  He went outside to find a "wanted" poster.
 Hmmm ... that guy looks familiar!
 They spotted the crook.
 Then were off on a chase!
 After apprehending the criminal, they led him back for questioning.
 Information gained from the crook, led them to a hide-out in which they found a note.

 The note led them to the "loot".
 Police themed legos.  Isn't that a fun way to get your gift?!!!  I love seeing my children do this for each other!
   After a fun hunt, we headed out to ...
the Lego Store.  We had so much fun in there.  Looking at various sets, building mini figures and planning out fun!

 Daniel spent some of his birthday money and got some gifts from us too.
 Eliana enjoyed visiting the Disney store and found one of her favorite characters here.  She was so sweet about giving him a hug and saying good-bye when it was time to leave.  Her brothers are already planning to get a "Perry" as a gift for her birthday (which is in December!).
Daniel chose Taco Bell for lunch.

The afternoon was spent playing with lots of new Legos!
 Rebecca and Hanna decorated a cute drum cake for Daniel.  (He picked this one out from one of our books.  Its a favorite because he has chosen this one before.)
 Pizza for supper.
 With friends and family.
 Happy Birthday Daniel!
 We love you and had a blast celebrating with you!
I pray for you that this is the start of a year filled with laughter, sweet memories, learning adventures and more.  I pray that you would grow closer to God and more deeply in love with Him.

I love you Daniel!  Happy Birthday!