Monday, May 5, 2008

Duke Children's Classic - and more Wholehearted Bracelets

I wanted to share something exciting with you.  I should have shared it weeks ago, but like the previous post mentioned - I'm behind.  :-)

I've been invited to speak at a luncheon that is part of the Duke Children's Classic.  Read more about it here.    This is a huge event for the hospital involving a golf tournement.  On Sat, there is a luncheon for the wives and friends of the golfers.  I'm not the keynote, but will be sharing/speaking at the lunch. 

I don't know the details yet, but expect that they will just want to hear "my story".  It can be hard to condense the last year into a story - but it can be done.  It is certainly easier to share at this point than it was a year ago.  We've come a long way.  As hard as those early days were - I'm thankful for them.  I'm thankful for the difficult road as it opened my eyes and my heart to so many things.  Things I might never have seen if it had not been for Eliana.  I remember early on someone telling me that I'd have a "story to tell" and me thinking that I didn't want a story to tell!  (Yes, I was fussing about it.  I just wanted a boring, uneventful life at that point.)  God's way is definitely best. 

My eyes see beauty in a whole new way.  My heart understands pain, suffering, fear and peace in depths I hadn't experienced before.  My mind knows that facts will never be stronger than faith, love and hope.  I know with all of my heart that we have been entrusted with a special gift - a blessing sent to us from God.  ALL children are a gift from God.  A blessing.  An incredible blessing.

Rebecca has also been asked to participate.  They have asked her to make a bracelet for every woman in attendance - 100 to 125 of them!  All of them in pink and/or orange which are their theme colors.  Well, they are pink as we have had a very hard time finding any orange beads.  We are also having trouble finding the metal heart beads - her signature bead.  Our local store no longer carries them.  If you find them, we would love to know where so that we can get more.  ETA:  Just last night we found some at a different craft store and bought all that they had! 

Rebecca has been working so very hard.  She has made over 100 bracelets in the last 4 weeks!  That's a lot of bracelets and many, many hours.  She has found that listening to books on tape is a great way to pass the time.  I have joined her in making them as have some of her friends, which is a fun way to work.  (Her friends bracelets aren't counted in her total above.)  Most of the time though, it's just Rebecca working.  I'm so proud of her effort and diligence!

They will also have "boutiques" with items for the attendees to purchase.  Rebecca will have one of these too.  She is planning on making a variety of things to add to her collection once she meets her goal of the pink bracelets.  This was a big order and I'm proud of her and the hard work she has put into it so far.  Many hours a week my sweet girl has devoted.  She really is amazing, isn't she?  Her goal for the year is to reach $10,000.  Last year, I might have doubted, this year, I know she can do it!

If any of you want more information on Rebecca's bracelet ministry, I've added a few links to my sidebar to explain what she has done.  If you are interested in purchasing bracelets, please email me.

If you feel led to pray, I would love prayers that I would speak words that would encourage, challenge and inspire people.  I want to speak the words that God has for me.  I'm excited about this opportunity and thankful for it as well. 

My girls - pretty special each in their own way.