Monday, December 3, 2012

Before FIAR Co-op: Angus Lost

A few days after returning from New York, it was time to jump back into our other activities.  We met for our Before FIAR co-op and did activities based on the book Angus Lost.  Angus is a dog and our fun centered around dogs.  

We started out with a game of Hokey Pokey.  A fun way to learn about prepositions (in and out), right and left and parts of the body.

Each child had a dog to hold onto and play with if they wanted.
We read the book of course.
And had this delightful doghouse to play in!  The kids loved it!

We talked about how to care for a dog.  Food, water, a soft place to sleep, etc.  The children then pretended to care for their puppies too.  

We played a number game.  First recognizing the numbers when called out randomly.  They were color coded in case someone needed help finding their number.
We looked at pictures of dogs and counted the dogs in the pictures.
We stopped to have a yummy snack.

Then it was craft time.  They made adorable little puppies!

Eliana is proud of her  puppy!

Fun in the doghouse.  The bigger kids discussed one of the stories from the Mad Scientist Club and did experiments.  I don't usually have photos of their group though since I'm with Eliana.

Fun day with our friends!  Always fun to spend time with our friends!

More tomorrow.  I've uploaded a lot of photos and am going to try to post something each day.  Hoping nothing happens to derail that.  We have a very full week planned and Roger has been sick today.  Really praying that it doesn't spread.

Hope your week is filled with laughter and fun!