Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy Birthday sweet Eliana!

My girls have birthdays exactly 3 weeks apart.  Can't believe my baby is 7 already!  Just doesn't seem possible.  Probably in part too because she doesn't seem like she is 7 years old either.  :)  We start the morning with a special chair at the table and a breakfast of your choice!  Roger made waffles which are her favorite and his specialty on the week-ends.  She also asked for chocolate milk.

 We played and ran some errands of her choosing.  She is always asking to go to Target.  Not really sure why, but we went.
 We also went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  She likes the fries there and they are gluten free!
 She spent some time in the play area and loved it.
 Lots of gifts to open as each sibling wanted to get something different for her.
 Before dinner, we headed to Defy Gravity.  She LOVES this place.  Its filled with trampolines.  It was a "family night" special too which worked out great so that all of us jumped for a much lower price.  My pictures aren't great, but here are a few.  Eliana loves the foam pit and jumping into it wildly!
 In the midst of a game of tag, she is  happy and jumping.  It wasn't crowded at all which was nice.
 More presents for our sweet princess.  :-)
 Dinner was tacos - one of her favorites.  We all love mexican food here which is nice since almost all of it is gluten free.

The red plate comes out again for a special occasion.

 We took many photos trying to get a good one of her smiling.

 Oh, the pressure!  LOL
 She enjoyed her cake and ice cream too.
 This was one of her gifts - kinetic sand.  It is really, really neat!  I highly recommend this for a wide range of ages.  My kids love playing in it.  It is fluid somehow and not as messy or dry as regular sand.  Its also gluten free (as per the box label).
 Sweet Eliana.  How you have changed our world!  You have opened our eyes to so many things.  I think with you in our lives we have learned to laugh more, forgive more quickly and love more easily.  You continue to teach all of us through your example.  We are all better people for having known and loved and been loved by you.

Eliana is just what our family needed and I'm glad that God knew that.  Love spending time with my wild, spunky, loving, expressive daughter.  Looking forward to many more years together.