Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Unexpected Delights

I love it when God surprises and delights my heart.  I don't know why I'm surprised by this as I know how I love to delight my children.  Its fun to meet a desire that they may not have even expressed or knew they wanted.  I know that God loves doing that for us too.  I wonder how often I may miss His efforts on my behalf. 

Just tonight as I was outside I noticed the sweet smell of honeysuckle and the sounds of birds in the trees.  It was fresh and clean and reminded me of being a child.  Isn't funny how so many memories are tied to smell?  

I was looking through some old blog posts tonight and seeing pictures of college visits 3 years ago as Christopher was trying to decide where to go.  Such a big decision.  One we prayed about often.  I also often prayed for his roommate.  Having worked in housing (and lived in the residence halls for my job), I remembered how important a good roommate could be!  I wanted that for Christopher.  

After posting Christopher's decision to go to State, I received an email from another homeschooling mom whose son was going to State.  We corresponded and then the guys started talking and they decided to room together.  I was excited about that!  We met in August and really hit it off.

That was the unexpected part.  It wasn't that I didn't expect to like his roommate's family - it was more that I hadn't even considered that God could have a plan for our families beyond the guys rooming together.  And when we enjoyed each other and liked hanging out - and then planned to get together again, it just struck me that when I prayed, God answered.  His answer though was so much bigger than anything that I asked for.  And it both surprised and delighted me.  Still does!

Joe's family was up visiting family locally and we were blessed to have them stay with us for several days!  We had a blast together!  Sure wish we lived closer together!  We mostly hung out around the house.  We talked, played games, played outside and just had fun.  

One day we went to Defy Gravity.  That place is so much fun!!!  As always we had a blast.  Its not an easy place in which to take photos, but I tried getting some of each of the kids heading into the ball pit.  Some doing flips and others just jumping in!

Thanks to Candace at http://www.mercyisnew.com for showing me how to do the collage photos!  So easy and fun at Picmonkey!  

We also celebrated Eliana's heart day!  Its been 6 years since our sweet girl had her heart surgery.  She is lively and happy and brings such sweetness to our days.  (She can also be a stinker too in case you think its all happy times.  LOL )

This was another time that God answered prayers in ways that were unexpected.  He showed me so much more of Himself than I  had known before.  He knew that my heart needed work and He sent a precious little girl to join our family to help mend my broken one.  I didn't see the blessings right away, but He was patient and taught me step by step (and continues to do so!).

We visited Moonberries for a sweet treat!  I love that they have gluten free options!  Its a safe and easy place that we all enjoy!

It was a gorgeous day and it was fun that Roger was able to join us too!

I'm thankful for family and friends that God has placed in my life.  He continues to teach me and bless me in ways sweet and unexpected.

Praying that you would see God's hand at work in sweet ways in your life too!