Saturday, February 13, 2010

A look back over the week

Thought I would share a few more of our week-end happenings from a week ago and over the past week.  I attended a homeschool exhibition.  It was local vendors with booths.  Things like music lessons, karate, science, math, Discovery Toys, Usborne, learning disabilities helps and more.  It was interesting to go around and talk to people.  I didn't buy anything, but I did win something!

I won a science birthday party.  It's value is $175!  I have to confess that I've wondered why me?  I really enjoy birthday parties and have never had anyone come in or gone out for a party.  This will be something totally different for us - and sounds like a lot of fun too!  I'm know it will be a blessing and I'm looking forward to seeing more of God's plan in this.

The boys got haircuts.  One of them convinced Roger that  mohawk was a good idea.  LOL

On Sunday, I hosted a Mom's meeting for our FIAR group.  The topic was encouragement.  This is a time of year when many of us can feel depleted and burned out.  Needing encouragement.  We've done different things in the past and I was really struggling with what to do this year.  I don't really feel like my tanks are very full and wasn't sure what *I* had to give.  I just put that out there to my friends though.  We suggested a few things and then I just waited to see what happened. 

Several friends brought treats - homemade gingerbread, homemade truffles and chocolate cupcakes.  (I wish I had gotten a picture.)  We had some Ghiradelli chocolate.  Rebecca made some yummy cookies for us too.

We ended up all sitting around my kitchen table - it was cozy - and just talking.  Nothing planned.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Just friends.  Women sharing what was going on.  Taking time to laugh together.  It was good for my heart.  I'm thankful to have this sweet group of friends.  We also decided to draw names and choose one person to pray for over the next month.  I'm thankful for this opportunity to be intentionally praying for a friend.  It is always a blessing to know you are being prayed for too.

Later Sunday we had a very small Super Bowl party.  Food.  The game.  The commercials.  Fun with friends.  It was a nice day.  A full day.  I didn't realize how exhausted I was until I fell asleep on the sofa after the game and was too tired to get up and go to bed.  It did make for a longer night's sleep than I usually get though and that is good. 

During the week we enjoyed a couple of meals related to our schoolwork.  Rebecca cooked a meal tied with her geography study.  We picked to do this meal on the 10th for two reasons.  First, it included a cake.  Second, it was the birthday of the little girl for whom we are prayer warriors.  We have been recently matched with Arianna and our job is to pray for her until she find a family. 

Meet Arianna. 

Isn't she beautiful?  The little floof of hair she has sticking up reminds me of Eliana when she was little.  Arianna has just turned two.  We celebrated her life and prayed for her.  We are also hoping and praying that her next birthday will be celebrated with her family!

We also enjoyed a very delicious FIAR meal this week.  The boys helped make foccacia bread.

It was very good and something we definitely need to do again.

We also had linguine with clam sauce.  Everyone loved it.  Eliana devoured it!!!  That was a surprise.  She has some issues with food textures and it's always a sweet surprise to find a new food that she enjoys.  Pasta dishes seem to be at the top of the list for her!  (I really love them too.)

More on this week -end as I get some photos uploaded.