Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beyond Co-op: Sarah Plain and Tall #2

Today I was talking with one of my boys about co-op.  He asked me what *I* liked about co-op.  I told him that one of my favorite things about co-op is that other Moms teach on topics that are different than what I would have selected.  I love the shared experiences, talents and interests.  It just makes for a lot of fun.  He then asked if I enjoyed teaching and again I said yes.  It is a sweet time to teach these kids - many of whom I have none now most of their lives.  :-)

For our second co-op, we had two topics to cover - windbreaks and family resemblances.  We had a lovely day and sitting outside was a great way to learn! 
The children learned about windbreaks - what they are and how they work and the benefits of them.
Then they were put into pairs to create their own windbreaks.  They each started with a large pan of sand and were told that they could use whatever natural materials they wanted to build a windbreak.  They quickly got to work!

Then came time to test their windbreaks.  They had 2 hair dryers which were cut on and aimed at the windbreak.  The others tried to see if they could feel the wind from the other side.  The plants on the other side of this one aren't moving!  Great job!  However, they did use a lot of land in creating their windbreak which meant less room for crops.  Hmmm ... lots of factors to consider.

Oops!  The strong wind knocked this one over.

Many of them went back and made improvements to their originals designs and tried it again.  They had a great time with this one!

We enjoyed snack time and then it was time for art.  I love when we cover areas like this because this is not my strength.
The children talked about and examined various works of art in which a family or members of a family were depicted.
They had each brought a pictures and possibly some other items in which to make a collage of someone in their family that they resembled.  It could be a physical similarity or one of interests.  Whatever they wanted to choose.  (Can you see the pictures of Isaiah and Christopher and how much they look alike at this age?)
 They painted and created.  I love watching them at work!
Loved the end results too!  What a fun project!

Thanks Lea and Yvette for a wonderful morning!  Looking forward to our next time together.  :-)

With love