Thursday, November 13, 2008

Catch-up post for Oct


We spent a lot of the month involved in sports - soccer for Rebecca (practice once per week and games once per week) and football  for Christopher (practice twice per week and games once per week). 

Soccer is a sport we've been involved in for the last 12 years.  I just counted, has it really been that long?  Christopher started playing the year he was 4.  One year we had 3 children playing - and Roger was the coach for 2 of the teams.  That was a nutty year!  This year, Rebecca is the only soccer player.  She enjoys the sport and is a good player.  I enjoy watching her run, pass, score - and just have fun!

Football is a new sport of us.  Christopher is playing in the homeschool football league.  There isn't a team in Durham, so he joined the Raleigh team that he played flag football with in the spring.  Unfortunately, the practices ended up being moved about 30 min away in a new location - which was about an hour away for us!  It was worth the drive though.  The focus on learning the sport, while also learning the importance of your relationship with God was wonderful.  They stressed being good team players, respect for others and basics of the game.  The spent time in devotions and prayers at every practice and game. 

Christopher plays defensive end.  He enjoys defense.  His team is strong - they were undefeated this year.  In some of the games, when they got off to a strong and early lead, the coaches would scramble their positions to try to balance things between the teams.  This helped to balance things out a little bit.

At one of the games, Christopher's team was off to a very strong, early lead and the positions were again scrambled.  Only this team the offensive players were on defense and vice versa!  It was fun watching Christopher play a different position - and really exciting when he caught a pass for a touchdown!!!  We were sitting at the end of the field and had a great position to view it all.  There was lots of cheering going on!  Eliana has even learned to sign "touchdown" which is really cute.


We loved having our friends from VA come down to visit.  We enjoyed lots of activities from watching football and soccer, making cards with our Keepers group and just hanging out having fun.

For those who are curious, we are eating paella and tapas to go with one of our FIAR book titles - The Story of Ferdinand.  It was a yummy meal!

We also enjoyed having my sister and niece visit us while Daniel was having his MRI.

Keepers of the Faith

We met in October to learn about card making.  This was my class to teach and it was a lot of fun!  We learned to work with different tools and do different techniques.  I had planned for each girl to make 4 cards.  It was fun to see how they did things their own way to add in their creative style.  Here's a picture of the girls with their cards.

If you want more details on this class, you can visit my KOF blog HERE.

I just thought this was a fun picture of Joshua and Isaiah being "spies" with the new spy kit they received for their birthday. 

Just a fun couple of pictures of Eliana.

 I love this cute little outfit on her. 

When we ask Eliana a question now, she will often do this.  LOL  It doesn't really help answer the question, but it does give us one more thing to chuckle about.

I still want to add in another field trip and some pics of our time at the State Fair - then I'll be caught up with Oct - and on to Nov.  ;-)

Blessings to you and yours!