Friday, August 10, 2007

Birthday and more about our week

I had thought on my birthday that I would write a list of all of the blessings I received on that day.  From early morning birthday wishes via email (before I went to sleep) to messages on the FIAR board, to a chorus a precious voices singing Happy Birthday to sweet friends notes, cards and calls. 

My youngest children of course were up early.  Only Christopher & I ever want to sleep in.  LOL  He gets to on many days and I'm looking forward to my turn!  Rebecca and Joshua cooked a breakfast for me to have in bed.  They brought up the tray of delicious food (bacon, grits, biscuits, juice and milk) while singing to me.  They also had many gifts for me to open.  Daniel was quite taken with the gift he had presented to me - a candy bar - and carried it around for quite a long time examining it and asking me questions.  I'm surprised he didn't try to eat it!  My sweet girl gave me 4 cards!  Two she had bought and two she had made.  All were very sweet and indicative of her tender heart. 

She tried to corral the boys so that I could rest after breakfast.  I tried to sleep amid the boys coming in and out to ask me questions or tell me happy birthday. 

Catherine brought me a yummy smoothie in the afternoon.  For dinner Roger and Christopher cooked (low country boil - shrimp, corn, kielbasa) a great dinner.  Christopher also made me a CD of many of my favorite songs.  It was a thoughtful gift from him.  I am truly blessed and have much to be thankful for.

Other happenings this week as I'm somewhat behind in my writing.  I'm behind in so many things that I feel I shall never catch up.  Though don't we all feel that way to some degree?!

Physical therapy - All is going well.  It's fun to see Eliana learning new things and for me to learn new games and ways to play with her that will benefit her development.

Feeding therapy - I told our therapist that since the last meeting she had greatly improved!!!  She has not refused the bottle since July 31!  This is a wonderful praise!!!  She typically will take from 1-2.5 ounces at a feeding.  Over the last week she has taken from 7 to 10 ounces per day.  This is up from 4 being a great day in the past.  Last night she took almost 4 ounces!!!  I was thrilled.  I was choking back happy tears.  It's times like this that make me think that maybe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Keepers of the Faith - We belong to a group of families that plan and teach various skills, hobbies, crafts and skills to the children in a variety of areas.  It is similar to scouts in that the children work towards earning badges.  There is a Christian focus to the program.  We had our planning meeting for the year last night.  It was during this time that Eliana had her great feed!  She had been asleep through most of the meeting and had gone a little long for her feed - but it was so worth it to get such a great one!

Homeschool - We are plugging along.  We haven't gotten done all that I wanted to this week, but all in all we had a good week.  It's been fun watching Isaiah learning to read.  I'm hoping that we can get into a good routine so that we can be more productive.

Medical equipment - We have had quite the saga regarding getting the items we needed.  This week I received a shipment of NG tubes - that we no longer need.  The kicker though - they were still the wrong size!  This is the 3rd time they've sent the wrong size.  I called today and talked with several of the gals and hopefully we'll have it straightened out soon.  Later this afternoon I received another package and it's a new extension to the pump/button.  It's also the wrong one!!!  Lastly, I received a bag in which to carry her pump that is supposed to help make it easier to go out.  I haven't tried it out yet, but hope to soon.  the surprise to this one was the price tage - $400 for a nice backpack basically.  I'm thankful we have insurance.  It's amazing to me the price tag on some of the medical equiment/supplies.

More later as I'm about to fall asleep.  I want to upload some photos and share a verse. 

ETA:  It's morning now and I have a few moments before Catherine and I head out for spa pedicures.  Happy Birthday Catherine!