Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Virginia Visit

This post will let you see how really far behind I am.  This was Easter week-end.  I'm hoping to finish April this week and then quickly move on to May.  ;-)  I do have current posts in the last couple of months too!

We went to Virginia to visit some dear friends.  Its become somewhat of a tradition since they moved here 3+ years ago.  We attended a fun egg hunt and festival at their church. 

Lauren, Joshua and Isaiah. 
Rebecca and Hannah enjoying some cotton candy. 
Ready for an egg hunt.  Look at all of the eggs!!!  There were thousands of them.  (There was a count, but I don't remember how many now that it was - some ridiculously huge number!) 

Will stop what she is doing to pose for pictures.  A sign that she has posed a lot!

Brothers on the hunt. 

Friends gathered when the hunt is complete. 

A little footbal or maybe tag?

Rebecca and Hannah made cupcakes.  Aren't they cute?!

Mowing is fun when you get to go for a ride. 
Beautiful girl!
Cook-out in the backyard. 
Roasting hotdogs. 

Then time for s'mores!
Lauren's baptism on Sunday. 

Trying to get a good photo - never an easy job. 

Christopher styling Katelyn's hair. 

Friends hanging out. 

The girls with their cupcakes. 

One last cupcake photo in case someone enjoys seeing them from another angle. 

Thanks friends for a wonderful week-end!!!