Friday, December 10, 2010

Rebecca's Birthday Party

We celebrated Rebecca's birthday with some friends the week after her birthday.  She wanted to tie-dye t-shirts, play games and share a meal.  Easy enough.  She even wanted to make her own birthday cake!  Isn't it cute?  It's her own design.  (Those are Skittles on top.)

 We bought some tie-dye kits.  These kits used the dye in squeeze bottles.  This was different than how I had done tie-dye in the past.  It was much easier and neater too!  They looked at some pictures of patterns.  Selected the one that they liked and then added color to their shirt.   

Fun group of young ladies!

For our dinner, Rebecca chose tacos.  Easy and yummy!

Anyone for a game of Spoons?
Happy Birthday Rebecca!  Your party was a lot of fun - just like you!

More in another post on our birthday girl.  We are headed out for a girl's week-end away though, so it will have to wait!