Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 7 (Wed) on the sickness

Hi friends,

***This was written very late on Tuesday night/Wed morning. 

Thank you for your prayers and encouragment.  I appreciate both! 

I'll start with the good news - Eliana is smiling again!  It's so heartwarming to see her beautiful smile.  I love to see her face light up and just radiate happiness.  She is a doll!  I'm taking her smile to mean that she is feeling better.  Yippee!  I wish I had a new picture to post.

This is DAY 7 of being sick.  She still has diarrhea - that's a long time!  Her bottom is still very red, sore and bleeding (though it seems to have diminished some this evening- Tues).  I keep thinking that it's got to end soon!  Usually these bugs last 24 to 48 hours, not days on end.  I'm thinking my friend RK is right - probably the rotavirus - which would explain why none of the rest of us have gotten it.  Our poor sweet baby. 

She is also not eating well.  She has not taken a full bottle at a feeding for awhile now.  She did better today than yesterday - but yesterday was not a good day.  She took about 5.5 ounces orally.  I obviously tube-fed her.  I'm thankful to have this option as I know it will help keep her home (instead of the hospital - not that you can always avoid this either!).  I'm trying to to be discouraged or worried about this set-back, though I'd be lying if I told you it hadn't crossed back and forth across my mind. 

I had someone comment today that I seemed like a wonder woman - and I have to say I am NOT a wonder woman!  I fail and fall down over and over again.  I hesitate to comment sometimes on my failings.  It's not that I want to be seen as perfect - I'm not even close!  I guess as a homeschooler I've heard too many stories of people that are falsely accused of not caring for their children properly and I would never want people that think that is going on in our home.  I love our children deeply and am very invested in their lives and their schooling - but I still fail and don't accomplish all that I would like to.

I thought today of posting that I was still in my sweats at noon - the sweats that I'd slept in after having been up until 4am.  (Thankfully I was also able to sleep in.)  I thought about sharing that I hadn't done any schooling with my children other than reading the Bible to them until then either.  Should I keep going and share how I lost my patience when they were loud and fussing with each other.  *sigh*  Things got better after lunch and we were able to get some good schooling in. 

I sometimes wonder who is going to learn more on this homeschooling journey - my children or me.  I'm almost certain it's going to be me.  I'm learning every day that it's not about me.  I'm learning that on my own, I certainly can't accomplish anything worthwhile.  I'm learning how much I need my savior - and His love, patience and wisdom each and every day. 

For it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.  Phil 2:13

I remain thankful,