Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NC Botanical Garden - field trip

We have been so blessed to have so many beautiful days for our field trips.  This one was no exception!  We visited the NC Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill.  They have grown a lot since the last time that we were here.  More trails, a huge education center and some neat areas for younger children too.  The only challenge was parking as there was not enough of it for all the people there to enjoy it that day.  We parked at a nearby location and walked which wasn't a problem.

We were divided into small groups of 10 or less children.  This is one of the groups - all boys!  :-)  

 They spent time exploring the different types of soil in North Carolina as they walked through the gardens.  They were also able to dissect a Pitcher plant (a carnivorous plant) in order to see what it had eaten?  Pretty neat, huh?  I have no pictures of that though as I was trailing a busy girl at that time.
 The youngest children explored on their own.  There were a number of interesting statues and pieces of art distributed throughout the garden.  This was part of a movable piece near the entrance to the garden.
 I love pictures of paths.  So much symbolism.  So many thoughts swirl through my mind as I ponder beginnings and traveling.  Life is a journey and its sweetest when travelled with those that you love.
 Checking out the map - up close.  Its always good to know where you are and where you are heading. True in a new place and also in a literal was as we walk through our daily lives.
 This is part of the children's area with the new education building in the background.
 Couldn't get these two to look and smile at the same time.  Reminds me of life too.  How it can be hard to get things lined up just the way that you want them.  Sometimes you just have to move on.  Or change your perspectives.  Or just accept that this is the way that things are and give thanks in that moment.
 My little princess doesn't mind the obstacles that she can skirt under and I think rather fancies that she can fit into small places.
 This is a fun game.  The large pieces are always intriguing to kids of all ages.
 She just looks like she is getting so big to me in this photo.
 I love fall skies.  Beautiful clear blues.  Leaves not yet changed.  (This is early Oct.)
 We wandered around the garden looking at various plants, flowers and other interesting things.  We caught up with the boys and were with them for the end of their program.
 This was one of my favorite parts of the garden.  Love the tall flowers on both sides of the path.
 Sweet group - even with the rabbit ears.
 This is a bigger shot of the entry way to the garden and the art piece there.  The children loved spinning it around.

We stayed for lunch and were surprised by a visit from Roger.  :-)  After eating, we headed home to pack up for our next big outing.  :-)

More soon!