Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our first 24 hours ...

of being free of the g-tube have been ... WET!  LOL  Seriously, wet.  I'm not surprised since she has a hole in her tummy.  It wasn't so bad the first 5 or 6 hours because some of the cauterized parts I think blocked some of the flow.  That isn't the case any more however.  Yesterday Eliana went through 6 outfits and I went through 3.  Yuck - too much information?

We have new neighbors and were outside talking with them last night - just meeting them and getting to know them a little bit.  Well, it was just after Eliana had eaten and I was holding her.  I felt her begin to leak, but didn't realize that it was as bad as it was.  We were both drenched.  What a way to meet someone, huh?  They seem nice though so hopefully it will be something we laugh about one day.

Eliana is feeling fine!  Yippee!!!  I'm so thankful she is not in pain.  She does not like bandage changes, but her skin is looking fine so far.  I'm putting Mylanta on her skin to help with the acid from the leakage.  Hopefully this will help.

I've found that she does better, in terms of leakage, if I can hold her reclined for 30 minutes to an hour after eating.  This works fine if she has fallen asleep.   Obviously it doesn't work if she is awake and those tend to be the really  messy times. 

As of this morning, with a big messy leak, I think it's best we stay home from our out of town field trip.  I hate to miss this time with friends, but think it would be too hard and just not the best for Eliana or I right now.  Sometimes it's hard to put *my* needs ahead of what my children would want, kwim?  I know that is part of my struggle in this decision.  I guess it's a good opportunity to talk about sacrifice and choosing to put others first.  I know they will understand.

I've been asked what Eliana's button looked like when it was pulled out.  (My dh wanted to know!)  I didn't see it.  At this point, Eliana was very upset and my eyes were on her.  Here is a picture though for those who are interested.  The large part at the bottom was the part that was in her tummy.  The tubing is the size of the hole in her tummy.  (Thus you can see why it hurt to have something large pulled out of a smaller hole.)  I think too that the skin had probably attached to it (thus the bleeding and need for cauterization).  Enough of that.  She is really feeling fine today.  :-)

Thank you for your prayers.  I'm thankful that this is the beginning of the end of feeding tubes.  I called yesterday to the medical supply company to let them know we are finished with the pump.  I will be glad to have the last of the medical supplies/machines out of our bedroom.  It's been 15 months of machines and soon - none.  :-)  Yippee!!!

I've learned a lot and hopefully am more tolerant and patient as a result.  I'm thankful for all that I've learned - though I would not have chosen it.  I am trying to walk each day one at a time - living, loving and learning with my precious family.  I am so richly blessed!

Thank you friends for your prayers.

With love,